Breastfeeding Email Campaign – Boycott G105 – join me?

You know, with all of todays issues, you’d think a radio announcer had something better to do than to pick on breastfeeding women during his morning show. He not only advocated using formula, saying his 30 year practicing pediatrician knew more than a breastfeeding mama who phoned in, he called her ‘creepy’ when she said she breastfed her 2 year old still. He never gave her the time of day to really talk, but yet some other creepy men call in and agree with his ‘a boob is a boob is a boob’ mantra he kept saying, about how he’s got ‘papers’ on his wife that make her boob’s ‘his’ and not his child’s, and that she pumped before they went out anywhere so she wouldn’t breastfeed in public, and how women should take their children to the bathroom or elsewhere instead of ‘whipping it out’ in public. I can’t believe the nerve of him! I would’ve called if I had known the #, or had my cell phone. But I have the radio stations email. Want to join me in spamming the you-know-what out of them telling them they’re wrong? After that I’m contacting the local LLL and having someone official call their radio station and school them on how wrong they were. No one can tell you you can’t breastfeed in public (in NC anyway its a law), whether it be in a restaurant or on the radio, so wasn’t this announcer breaking that law? Yes? No?

Hear what he had to say! His show
Listen to Monday, segment 8. He starts in on it around 3 mins in. He complained about a mother with a young baby nursing in church and equated breastfeeding her child to having sex in church. Dispicable!

Anyway, want to join me?
Radio station contact – the bosses
Local newspaper

My email to the station’s manager and to the show itself:
With all of the issues in today’s world, you’d think you’d have someone better to pick on than mother’s wanting to do their best for their babies. Instead, you pick on ladies who choose to breastfeed, simply because you have some childish fascination with breasts. It’s only in America that we fascinate ourselves with things that were created to feed children, NOT to entertain men. But still, here you are, flauncing your self on the radio as if you know what the hell you are talking about and you surely don’t.

Breastmilk has antibodies, has hormones and such in it that help a baby develop. For premature babies, it can be the single solitary thing that can help them survive, it can make the difference between life or death (“When breastmilk saves a life” Things in breastmilk that help a baby’s immune system can’t be replicated by formula companies, no matter how much they’d like you to give up the good fight to buy their overpriced crap, yet Bob advocated it simply because his pediatrician told him to – a pediatrician who is a) a man and b) who probably hasn’t kept up with the recent studies, who’s been in practice so long he has his way of doing things and is an ‘old dog ‘who probably won’t learn ‘new tricks’, such as the new facts on breastfeeding.

Let me ask you, in response to your ‘she should’ve gone to the bathroom’ comment, about the woman who fed her baby at the table at a restaurant – do you commonly take your plate of food and eat in a public restroom? Ridiculous, right? Or how about taking a blanket and putting it over YOUR head where you can’t breathe, just to eat? Silly, right? Why make a baby, with new lungs, receptive to germs and such, have to feed under such conditions? Just so that you don’t have to know that a woman is breastfeeding in proximity to you? Because you might look? And you think these breastfeeding women have problems, it sounds to me like YOU’RE the one with the problem! If you can’t stop looking at other women’s breasts, then I suggest you see a shrink with your wife and discuss why her body isn’t enough for you, and why a woman feeding her baby is such a turn on, but DON’T YOU DARE tell your listeners or the public how breastfeeding women and children should be hidden, be ashamed, run off to some corner, just because YOU have this sick twisted view because a child is feeding off of a breast.

Weren’t you just in trouble regarding the Lumbee Indians, running your big fat mouth and suspended not too long ago for it? Well I’m contacting SEVERAL resources, including the La Leche League, who will be in contact with your radio station regarding THIS. I hope they hire HUGE attorneys and kick your sorry butt off the radio, permanently.

It’s because of idiots like you that CNN runs reports of women who try to breastfeed, but are frowned upon, say its too hard, are influenced by outside resources such as yourself, that turn to formula too soon, and their children suffer for it ( “CDC: Nearly three-quarters of new mothers breast-feed but quit too soon”)

You should be ashamed of yourself.