Out of the Mouth of Babes, Part 7, and other Kidlet Cuteness


4 Year Old Cuteness

“Grandma, put your glasses on so I can see you better!”


While his 19 month old sister plays with her little neighbor friend, my 4 year old walks and sees her playing.

“Mommy, did that baby (the neighbor) come out of your tummy?”

“Uh. No honey.”

“Well where did she come from then?”

(We might have a lot of kids, but c’mon now, son….)

He’s sitting at the table, coloring in his workbook. My 19 month old tries to climb up on the chair with him. I grab her, take her down, and she starts screaming.

“Uh oh mommy, you really p!ssed her off!”

(Hmm, wonder where he’s hearing THAT one…)

You know your toddler is ready for potty training when…

…. she strips down naked the second you turn your back. Diaper off, clothes off, all throughout the day she has to be stark naked. It never ends. Prisoner in my own home because she wants to be naked (okay, I’m kidding, but still, it is concerning to have to chase after her, ensuring there are no puddles or worse on the floor.) Finally my husband says to her “Okay little girl. Do you want to try to go potty?”

She enthusiastically says “Yeah!”

(Now, before you get too excited, keep in mind that, since learning to say “Yeah”, she will say it to just about anything. As in “Hey, wanna go hang upside down by your big toe?” “Yeah!” “Hey, let’s go outside and play in traffic!” “Yeah!”)

So my husband struts her into the bathroom. I have been down this road before, and I know nothing is going to come of it, so I stay seated. He comes out, big grin on his face, naked baby in hand, and I had thought I missed it due to my overly pregnant laziness. Luckily, no, that wasn’t he case. What was the case, however, is that she is much more observant than we all thought.

She walked up to the toilet, and after seeing her brothers ‘do their thing’, she thought she was supposed to stand. She gets up on her tippy toes, holds her hands to her chest, holding an imaginary shirt up, and he scoops her up and sits her down on the seat. Ah, I see, she thinks to herself, I do it like mommy. So she makes a pseudo-trying-to-do-something-but-nothing-is-happening noise, grins at my husband, looks around a bit, spots the toilet paper, grabs a piece, wipes her hip, throws it in the bowl, and lunges forward for my husband.

A genius I tell you.

Well, at least *I* think so.


Get Funky!

Lastly, I leave you with this video of my 19 month old getting her groove on, dancing to LazyTown earlier today.


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