Baby Lightsaber Humor

I had to use this set of pictures for this one, I couldn’t not. You’ll see why in a minute.

Look how awesome my baby lightsaber is, dude!!!!
Uh, mom?! Has someone spiked this kid’s pureed bananas with something? A baby lightsaber-WHA?!
Who bottle fed you the HATERADE, bro?! What’s up with that? My baby lightsaber is T-E-H AWESOMEST! Look!
It’s magical, and it lights up. You’re totally wishing you had one just like me right about now, don’t you?
Uh, no, not really. In fact, I think you’re a gigantic dork with a flashlight!A dork with a flashlight! Oh, the horror! I must end it all now!
-No dude, no! {gasp}
Heh. Just playin’.
– Scratch that. You’re a gigantic CRAZY dork with a flashlight.
{gasp} Whoa, dude! Aliens! And you thought I was kidding about my baby lightsaber…See, furry alien dude? I come in peace. Oh boy. They want me to come aboard their mother ship. Who’s the dork with the flashlight now!?It’s ok! They mean us no harm! New friends. Aliens. What a day! I am the awesomest of the awesome baby lightsaber-ist. Ever.
The end! 🙂

This was a part of Beth‘s You Capture series. This week is “Expression

(Starring my son and Amanda’s son)

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