Fall CBS Premieres and Jenna Elfman Interview

I. Love. Fall.

I love the coolness in the air, I love the leaves changing, the smell that fall brings in the wind. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and ridiculous amounts of baking (OH THE BAKING!). I love sneaking around, purchasing or making presents for loved ones, stashing them somewhere hidden, wrapping them with glee, decorating and scheming to make Christmas the most perfect and magical every year.

And? I love the return of the shows. I. Love. TV. It’s bad, I know, because I’m the crunchy, organic, fitness mom, I’m not supposed to like plopping my lazy butt on the couch and staring at the idiot box.

But I do.

I do love shows, shows that make me cry, that make me think, that challenge me, that inspire me. Ones that let me escape a bad day and live vicariously through their characters. Shows I can cuddle up on a rainy day with my DVR, remote and hubs and watch and laugh and be grateful for the cuddle time we share.

They always kick off wickedly awesome new shows in the fall (there are so many I honestly don’t think my DVR is gonna handle it all). And this fall season has me on my toes, itching, ready and crazy-excited for more.

I was able to view three pilots for upcoming CBS fall shows – Accidentally on Purpose, The Good Wife and Medium (a show returning but to a different network). All three shows had me quite entertained, each for their own, distinctive reasons, and have me longing for more.

Firstly, let me tell you that I had the extreme pleasure of speaking to Jenna Elfman during a conference call on Tuesday about her new show, Accidentally on Purpose. Along with Mary Pols – the author of the book the show is based upon (did you know the book is based on her life, so in essence, Jenna is playing Mary on the show?), and Claudia Lonow, who is the Executive Producer and “the mastermind of the show” (according to Mary), these three brilliant and hilarious women spilled the beans about filming, writing, it’s creation, and the fun they have on set. All three are all very excited about this endeavor, all light-hearted and funny, just like the show. I will have a recording of the interview soon to share with you, I promise.

But the show, OH THE SHOW! Accidentally on Purpose is so freakin’ funny. Jenna plays a woman named Billie who finds herself pregnant after a fling she has with a much younger guy. I promise you, it isn’t as tawdry as it may seem, it’s actually quite a riot. Billie is upset over the breakup with her way hot but can’t-commit-ex-boyfriend, James (played by the delicious Grant Show of Melrose Place fame). The younger guy, Zack (played by Jon Foster), eventually moves in with her to help her, and the comedy ensues, especially when her ex declares he wants her back. (The clash between the ex with the younger guy? Epic!) Good gracious I laughed hard while watching this show, I truly loved the characters, the plot and the hilarious lines, and I cannot wait to see the next episode. Go ahead, laugh as you watch the Accidentally On Purpose preview. Accidentally on Purpose premieres Monday September 21st 8:30pm EST.

The Good Wife was one show that intrigued me immediately from the previews I saw for it. Having been a longtime fan of Julianna Margulies already, from back from her ER days, I had no idea how intriguing and wicked-smart this show was going to be (as well as it touching upon legal struggles, to boot, because Julianna plays an attorney). Julianna’s character is jilted by her husband (her husband is played by Chris Noth, well-known for his roles in Law and Order, Sex and the City), when his very public sex and political corruption scandal forces him to depart his job and lands him in jail. Her role of being the dutiful “good wife” changes, from a wife who stands by her husband throughout his ordeal to one who is forced to take over as the breadwinner to support their family and his rising court costs fighting his charges. She hesitantly re-enters the workforce as a defense attorney after a 13 year hiatus.

Also starring in the show is Josh Charles (who I lovingly recall from his role of “hottie” in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead) and Christine Baranski (Mamma Mia, Bowfinger, The Birdcage), who both play senior lawyers in her law firm. I’m particularly liking the fiery character, Kalinda, played by Archie Panjabi who brings some savvy comedy into the show’s mix. Check out the The Good Wife preview, premiering Tuesday September 22nd at 10pm EST.

Medium is a show, I must admit, I didn’t watch when it was on NBC. I was a little apprehensive about watching this “pilot” (if you could call it a pilot for simply switching networks), simply because I thought Am I going to be “behind”? Would it pick up where it left off? Would I know what was happening, or would it start new, for new viewers like me? I can honestly tell you that, after watching it, DO NOT WORRY!! HOLY HECK, did it ever reel me in! It. Is. So. Good. I can’t wait to see the next episode!

I am one who believes in psychics and whatnot, and this gave me absolute chills! Medium is also about a real-life person, Allison Dubois (played by Patricia Arquette), who experiences psychic visions through her dreams and aides the District Attorney in solving cases. As this was my first taste of this show, I must say I’m completely hooked – what amazing, creative writing and what a cliffhanger to get you to tune into the next episode, wow! If you haven’t seen this show, do not worry like I did about not being up to speed, WATCH IT. I don’t even want to tell you a single thing about this preview, in an effort to not spoil the surprise for you, you need to experience it for yourself. I invite you to see the Medium preview. Medium premieres on Friday September 25th at 9pm EST.

What shows are you most looking forward to seeing this fall? Among the many I’m looking forward to returning, in addition to seeing these above, I can’t wait to see the continuation of the cliffhanger from NCIS‘s season finale (remember, Ziva was captured!?), and it’s new counterpart NCIS: Los Angeles (with L.L. Cool J and the delectable Chris O’Donnell).

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*Photos courtesy of CBS