Out of the Mouth of Babes Part 13

(Perhaps I should call this the smacking head edition? You’ll see why in a minute.)

Playing Rummy with my oldest son, I remind him of the rules and how it’s played. It becomes blatantly apparent he’s gotten Rummy confused with other games, because seconds later he lays a few cards down and proclaims “CHECK MATE!!”

After I giggle and correct him, we continue with our game. A few minutes later he slaps the card down and says “GO FISH!”



My toddler’s new favorite word since the soccer debacle last week starts with “bull” and ends with an “-it”. I blame the stinkin’ ref for that one, too. But yes, I know, I’ve already accepted the Mother of the Year award for that one. Go me!

{smacks head}


My Kindergartner’s soccer team was decimating the other team, so much so, I lost count of how many goals they scored. It was utterly brutal. My oldest son had been off playing soccer with friends. He comes over and asks “Who won?”

I replied, “We did, baby. By a lot.”

“Hey, he’s undefeated,” he says.

I shake my head, “No honey, they lost a game while I was away at my conference.”

“They did?”

He looked puzzled for a minute, as I reminded him of a big kid on the other team that kept scoring against our team, because he was so much bigger and intimidating (so I was told). He didn’t respond back. He drifted off thinking for a minute. We began to walk to my daughter’s practice. He looked at me again. “So who won?”

I immediately stopped and shot him this crazy look. “Baby? Didn’t I just say we won?”

“Ohhhh. Yeah, you did. Hey, they’re undefeated!”

{smacks head}


My kids approved of my dinner the other night. Their exact words were, and I quote:

“It’s off the Hoozle!”
“It’s re-donk-ulous!”
“There’s a party in my tummy!” (Damn Noggin!)

And my middle daughter, wanting SO much to repeat “Hoozle” forgot what the word was and told me my dinner creation was “.. off the Food Web!”

(Don’t ask. I don’t know, either.)

(And no, I don’t make this stuff up.)

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