I Love Babywearing. Let’s Keep It Safe and Educate

My love for babywearing always becomes renewed when I get something new to play with. Introducing our family’s newest sling by Seven Slings called “Carmel Latte.”

I. Love. It. So. Much.

You can’t beat getting a well-sized sling. He sits so comfortably on my hip in this, snuggling him up against me.

 Taken with my camera phone, apparently in need of cleaning.

I broke this baby out at Type-A Mom and gladly wore him through the airport, lending it to friends when needed at the conference. 

I can’t begin to tell you how babywearing has helped me in my parenting my small children. When children are worn properly, it increases the bond between child and parent and allows for that closeness long after the arms have grown tired. (Note: I did not say mother, as my husband wears our children, too.)


Even my kids have gotten into babywearing, too.


Babywearing has been around for centuries. Women in other countries have worn their children with fabric and cloth draped over their bodies forever, and with good reason, because it’s a wonderful way to bond. I don’t think I can elaborate on how much it pains me to see it torn apart by companies, or continually under the microscope by the CPSC because of uneducated folks doing it wrong and, as a result, innocent babies being hurt (or worse).

We babywearers should help to not only spread the good word about babywearing, but to help ensure others are properly educated on how to use their chosen babywearing item. We need to rally together in our love for babywearing, and help anyone who needs it. I personally would love to see babywearing parties around the US, to help show interested parents the different kinds and give them face-to-face contact with babywearers in which they could seek out immediate help and support locally.

What do YOU think? Do you babywear, too? What do you use, and what do you think we could do to help others? Link up in our Babywearing Call to Action at Steph’s.

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