Partner-in-Grime™ Wanted

spring clean
Photo Credit: hellojenuine

Help Wanted!

Need able-bodied person or persons to help sweep, mop, do dishes, laundry, and pick-up after six kids in a small(ish) five-bedroom Army base home. Must not mind boogers or poopie diapers, sibling rivalry, flying utensils, and be willing to scrub toilets and mop up pee. (Damn boys!)

Pay commensurate with experience and based upon cookie preference and other favorite home-baked goods. Bonuses available in hugs and admiration to infinity. Audition required and will include a full test of your abilities to simultaneously answer the phone, fold laundry, cook dinner, mop floor, pick up after small children and still remain sane. Hiring bonus if you start RIGHT NOW. Ahem.

Interested? Please respond with name, age, phone number, Facebook profile along with dessert preference.

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