Sitting is Killing You: The Truth About Sitting Down (WHOA)

I found this graphic shared on Facebook, and had to share it with you, because it really got to me on so many levels.

I’ve been fighting to work out and lose weight and stay fit for two years now, and it became quite apparent to me that perhaps I’m only fighting myself? That the reason I’m not succeeding is what’s depicted in this graphic? That even with the running, the elliptical, the Wii Fit and everything, it isn’t enough because I’m too sedentary otherwise, especially given my chosen profession (writing)?

And then came the realization of just how long our children are sitting. When we were kids, we had longer gym periods and recesses, and now? My kids have to hurry to finish lunch fast in order to get any recess time at all. And that really, really scare me, friends. They’re only getting older, when recesses aren’t “cool” anymore, because they’re too old. I want my children to always be active.

Read this, and tell me your thoughts:

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What do you think after reading this?

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