I Am Me

I feel kind-of dorky when in front of the camera. I am usually behind it, quite happy to be snapping away at the life surrounding me. You won’t see me at my most comfortable in front of the lens, but you’ll see me, who I am, and only me: dorkiness, muffin top and all.

I won’t ever pretend to be anything other than who I am. I am a mother to many, a wife to one, loyal friend, hardworking woman, with wrinkles, gray hair, green eyes, tanned skin, pointy nose, with a Marilyn mole, a devotion to coffee, and a hearty love of life.

I have many, many faults. But I’m always honest, and I work so very hard at everything I set my mind to. I don’t know how to give up without a fight.

And with how hard I work at balls-to-the-wall living life every day, as my friend Katja would say “Living life to the fullest,” sometimes I am tired, and sore, and out of patience and bordering on the brink of almost-insanity.

But I dig deep. I find something within my self to never, ever give up. And I’m surrounded by my family, near and far, by my friends, new and old, close or a great distance away, and I know I can do anything, achieve anything, because they are beside me.

Win or lose, whatever I do, I am grateful. And blessed. And ever-so-thankful. They are part of me. Me.

Are you attending Blogher? Come up and hug me, I’m a hugger. A smiley-one at that.

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