5 Tips to Throw an Awesome Halloween Party (Post Sponsored by Kmart)

My husband leaves this Sunday to go away for two weeks, and will miss spending Halloween with us. We decided not to let this news get us down, so we threw our own Halloween party this weekend, before he leaves, complete with Halloween costumes, Halloween decorated house, and Halloween party snacks out of this world.

Tip #1: Dress your house in costume

Halloween isn’t just about your costume, but also your home’s “costume” as well. Decorate it to reflect Halloween, too, both inside and outside. And it doesn’t have to be too scary if you’ve got young ones like I do. Thanks to Kmart.com, we were able to snag some awesome non-scary Halloween decorations for our house. You can see what I purchased online here.

Here’s the outside of our house (until we get pumpkins, that is)

Halloween decorated house

Here are some close-ups of the Halloween decor from Kmart:

Halloween decorated house
Halloween decorated house
Halloween decorated house
Halloween decorated house

Tip #2: Plan Halloween-themed party food

Everyone loves party treats, but make yours especially ghoulish and fun for your Halloween party. You don’t have to be the most creative or artistic, either. Even if you’re a novice chef, these Halloween treats are fun and easy to create.

Here was our table with all the Halloween food spread out on it:

Halloween party food

Here was the dessert spread after we’d eaten our Halloween dinner:

Halloween desserts

Like what you see? Could you use a little inspiration? Here’s some of my favorite Halloween recipes for our party snacks, including close-ups (all recipes will post soon! Stay tuned!)

Halloween Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Halloween Chocolate Pretzel Spiders
Halloween Mummified Hot Dogs
Halloween Ghost Pudding
Ghoulish Chili
Halloween Ghoulish Chili
Halloween Spooky Alien Cupcakes
Halloween Spooky Chicken Broccoli Wreath
Halloween Mummy Muffin Pizzas
Halloween Bone Sticks
And we served our treats with some all-natural orange soda (that wasn’t colored orange, but still tasted great)!
all natural orange soda
Tip #3: Get dressed up!

We are some of the few parents you’ll see out there, trick-or-treating with the kids in full costume. We enjoy dressing up as much as the kids do. If you’re going to host a party, go all out! Get dressed up in costume! We enjoy purchasing Halloween costumes that we can wear year-after-year that we can add accessories to, like my husband’s pirate costume. Every year he’ll pick up a better pirate shirt, belt, or hat, or boots to improve his costume.

Halloween costumes
Halloween costumes
Halloween costumes
Halloween costumes

Tip #4: Don’t forget Halloween-themed activities and music

For some folks, Halloween parties are thrown to take place of going out trick-or-treating. If that’s the case, you can make sure the kids don’t miss out on collecting candy (and control what they get) – you can set up a row of bowls one after the next of different candies, and outfit your children with a Halloween treat bag, and have them walk up to each bowl, filling their bag with one or two candies from each bowl, mimicking trick-or-treating.

You can also involve the kids in some Halloween crafts or let them color on Halloween coloring books.

What about a costume contest? Or face-painting station? Or dance contest? You can’t forget the fun Halloween music, either, like Monster Mash! Or Thriller! Dancing while dressed in costume might be difficult, but fun nonetheless.

Tip #5: Take lots of pictures

You want to remember every last bit of your party, right? Make sure you memorialize it in pictures!

Halloween costumes
Halloween costumes

Ready to plan for your own awesome Halloween party? Check out Kmart’s 50ft Party Halloween page for more ghoulish ideas for your own. Kmart always has great deals! Check out this week’s Monster Deals with lots of Halloween costumesHalloween party supplies and Halloween candy to offer.

Want to throw your own? Be sure to visit their Monster Bash on Kmart’s Facebook Page – they’re holding a contest with a winner pulled weekly for a Kmart gift card!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.

Have you thrown a Halloween party before? What were your must-haves?

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