Out of the Mouth of Babes, Part 16: The Crazy Kid Edition


Me: (Calling from the next room) “Uh, what was that noise!?!?”
Baby Sis: “That’s just us! We’re making a mess, mom!”
Me: ….

(Well, hey, at least their honest about it!)

(It was a metal vase of faux flowers they knocked over playing super-heroes. Metal vase + fake plastic flowers + open concept house = LOUD)


Baby Sis: “Otay! Nowww we can be brother and sister!”
Me: “Um, baby? You already are brother and sister.”
Baby Sis: “No, we’re not real brothers and sisters.”
Me: “Huh? Yes you are!?”
Baby Sis: “No, NOW we’re going to be real brothers and sisters. But fake.”
Me: Silence. (Shooting her a puzzled look.)
Baby Sis: “Now we can be fake/real brothers and sisters!”
Baby Dude: “Yay!”

Dude. My brain hurts.


While cooking breakfast for myself in the kitchen, I hear the two youngest at the table, while eating theirs. A little commotion, and then some giggles.

Baby Dude: “Ow! I hurt my wee-wee!”
Me: “Noo! Stop that!”
Baby Dude: “Him started it!” (Pointing to Baby Sis)
Baby Sis: “Nooo! Her started it!” (Pointing to Baby Dude)
Baby Dude: “Huh?!”
(Both erupt into laughter)
Baby Dude: “I’m Baby Dude. You’re Baby Sis. I not a ‘her.’”
(Both erupt into laughter again while calling one another the wrong gender, again.)


Baby Sis: “Can you help me set up my doll house!?”
Super M: “Not right now. YOU’RE NOT MY LAWYER!”


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