Two Weeks Old & Postpartum Nesting DIY-Style

Two weeks since our baby has been born, and while each second has ticked away deliciously slow, enough for this momma to savor every scrumptious hiccup and sigh, despite the crazy poosplosions she is capable of, Baby V is simply perfect.

Despite all the dress-up and baby lovin’ we’ve been enjoying these two weeks since she was born, we are in the middle of a huge DIY project. (Yes, you heard me.)

When we finally got around to posting updated new house pictures, after the unpacking and rearranging, fitting our family into this new home, we knew (with eleventy-billion kids) that the white carpet wouldn’t last. We also knew that, finally, we were in our OWN home, which meant, we could do cool stuff normally frowned upon in military housing, like PAINTING. While the carpet looked pretty here in this picture, it didn’t stay pretty for long. Also, see all the white? White carpet? White walls? ICK.

living room before

We are in the process of ripping up the aforementioned white carpet, and linoleum, and putting down new flooring. (Yes, we just had a baby. Yes, we are insane. Nesting apparently didn’t end just because I popped this kiddo out.)

We also painted all day yesterday (and when I say “all day,” I mean, all day and into the wee hours of this morning). It may have taken forever-and-a-day to finish, but seeing their faces helping contribute to making our house beautiful? Priceless. (Except Baby V, you can see, she was NOT happy to not be the center of attention. Mommy took A LOT of unexpected breaks to cuddle her with the commotion going on.)

Is that color not beautiful, though? I canNOT wait to show you the finished result!

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