Out of the Mouth of Babes Part 17, The LMFAO Edition

“Mommy, what do you think of my dress?” She calls to me, spinning in a circle, fluffing her hair just-so.

“I love it, baby!” It is one of my favorite dresses she wears, after all.

“Yeah, I like this PLAIDERN, too.”

(She combined the words PLAID and PATTERN to create her new word, PLAIDERN. I freakin’ love it!)

As he’s kissing Baby V, Baby Dude says, “Wet (let) me smell her!”
He takes a biiiig sniff of her cheek/neck, and “Ahhhhh’s” afterwards.
“Dood (good)!” he finally mutters. “She smells like meat.”


While playing with one another on the Wii, Baby Dude mimics his Mii and attempts to Karate kick his sister. Before I even get to reprimand him, she yells to him, “NOOO, BABY DUDE! You can’t kick me! I have good skin!”

Uh.. that’s a new one…


Ever since the Super Bowl commercial, every time Baby Dude disrobes for a bath, to get into his bathing suit, or out of pajamas and into clothes (or vice versa), he starts swinging his shirt over his head, wiggling his butt, singing, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” while giggling uncontrollably. Thank you, M&M folks. Ha!

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