Operation Awesome School Lunch, Week 4

Week four was quite the exciting one! We had LOTS of cool, different goodies for the kids to feast on this week. Take a look at our menu this week:

school lunch menu 9/17

Lots of tasty, tasty things there, eh?

After having tortilla soup for dinner on a cold, rainy Sunday, warm baked cheeseburger wraps were easy enough to prepare alongside the soup for Monday’s lunch. The kids.loved.these.so.much. (Recipe soon!)

grilled cheeseburger wraps

(Sorry, but I did not get a picture of my baked penne. I don’t know what happened. Mommy brain, I guess? Sad face.)

After making the meat monster that is Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf, we had pleeeenty left over for their sandwiches for the next day. Slap some meatloaf lovin’ on a hot dog roll, paired with my (almost) famous mashed potatoes and call ‘er done!

meatloaf sub mashed potatoes

The kids were MORE THAN THRILLED to take leftover Chicken Nugget Bowls to lunch. They’re always a huge favorite, and they kept well in their lunchbags until lunch, too.

chicken nugget bowls

Speaking of lunchbags, check out their fancy schmancy new ones! I used a gift card I had from Land’s End to get these colorful beauties that fit their lunch containers! Also, EasyLunchboxes sent me one of their coller bags for my older son, he needs a big lunchbox for his big, football-playin’ appetite.

lands end lunch boxeslunchboxes

Back to the lunches, the older kids BUGGED OUT about their enchiladas and corn bread.

Corn bread. Cornbreadcornbreadcornbread. Hoooly cow.

Alright, listen to me for a sec, okay? I swear to you, when I share this recipe for corn bread, you will want to bookmark and it make it over and over and never stop. I swear. IT IS THE BESTEST CORN BREAD OF ALL THE CORN BREADS IN ALL OF CORN BREAD HISTORY. Hands down, no competition. The end. I win at LIFE.

enchiladas corn bread

And with that magical corn bread recipe, I created mini corn dog muffins for the younger kids’ lunches, so they could partake in the awesomeness. Which, of course, caused the sad eyes in my older ones. “B-b-b-but mom? Don’t we get any?” Dangit.

Okay. Here, kids. I don’t blame you. I did make the most magicalest corn bread ever.

mini corn dog muffins

And I promise, my corn bread recipe is worth it.

How was your kids’ lunches this week? Do anything different?

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EasyLunchBoxes sent me the cooler bag for review, but my awesome lunches that I put in the cooler bag are my own.