Parenting Confessions #5, #28 & #41

The other day, after feverishly scrubbing my house to perfection, my exhausted self sat down and had a hilarious (but relatable) thought.

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A lot of you agreed with me, and it gave me the idea to pair relatable pictures to parenting confessions, and start a new series here. I know oh so very many of you commiserate with me about the housework, the laundry, potty training, and more. Why not laugh a little with one another about it? You know?

parentingconfessions scrubbed house

parentingconfessions mute button

parentingconfessions money

What about you, what are YOUR parenting confessions? I’m going to be making our parenting confessions into pictures with text (like above) with credit given. So lay ’em on me! And feel free to create some of your own, I’m going to create a page with a master list with each number, so if you post one, let me know! 🙂