Adorable Yarn-Tied DIY Embellished Flip Flops for Back To School #summerofjoann

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Our mission this summer was to make summer fantastic and AWESOME! Most of it was spent outside, getting wet, and having fun playing games and riding bikes, but there were crafts and fun indoor activities, too! I had the spectacular idea to create some fun and crafty flip-flops for not only summer dress-up use, but for back-to-school as well! We shopped’s Cape Discovery catalog for some fun projects and found their cute project for these DIY embellished flip flops.

Embellished Flip Flop


We decided they were just too cute to only do one set, so we purchased THREE SETS! (The other two tutorials are coming soon!)

embellished flip flops craftI’m going to share with you how I transformed those white flip flops into a white and pink yarn-tied flip flop set with matching flower barrette clip!

how to make yarn-tied embellished flip flopsThese were SO much fun to make! Here’s their version vs. my version:'s embellished flip flop project vs. my yarn-wrapped idea #summerofjoannFor this particular project, you’ll need:

  • set of flip flops, color of your choice
  • yarn of a similar, contrasting color (or rainbow)
  • flowers or other embellishment, with or without a clip (two for the shoes alone, three or more for matching hair accessories)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • metal hair clips if you choose to make matching hair accessories (if your embellishment doesn’t already have a clip

yarn tied embellished flip flops supplies neededTo start, take your yarn and tie a knot around the base, double-knot it, with the knot facing out, and press it as far down as it’ll go. Cut a looooong strip of yarn for this project, but not too too long, because it takes forever to weave in and out. (You can tie more onto your yarn later, should you run out.)

embellished flip flop tied knot to startFrom here, you’re going to wrap the yarn over your hand (since I’m a righty, I wrapped it clockwise over my hand), over and under the plastic part of the flip flop, and then through the loop created by your hand (as shown below):

how to tie the yarn around the flip flopHere’s another look at the knot:

another look at the knotOnce you get going, you’re going to see a cute little knotted line in a row – keep those straight.

yarn tying rowsOnce you get to the thong area between your toes, knot over and under the thong a couple times, but don’t worry too much about whether it covers completely or not, this is where your flower will go!

one finished flip flopOnce you finish one flip flop, the second will be a breeze to get through!

finished tying flip flopsFinished and ready for hot glue, yeah, baby! Place a large sized dollup of hot glue onto the yarn in the center where the thong is.

hot glue dollop on yarnSet the flower onto the hot glue and press hard! You can choose to add additional glue underneath on either side to secure the flower better, if you’d like.

flower hot glued onto yarn tied flip flopTa-da! You’ve got some super-cute flip flops ready for an equally cute outfit!

yarn tied embellished flip flopsTo make the matching hair clip, place hot glue onto the flat part of the clip and secure it carefully to the matching flower.

matching clipSee how cute that comes out as a hair clip or barrette?

matching hair clip finishedLook at what it looks like all put together – adorable, right?

embellished flip flop outfitWhat do you think? Do you think this is something you could make? I don’t know about you, but now I want to make a pair just for me!

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