Why I Use Young Living Essential Oils

Not everyone will understand my story or my experiences. Not everyone experienced a pregnancy with her husband deployed, a daughter with attention issues. Not everyone will be able to relate to the debilitating things burdening my body.

Not everyone will understand my “whys” for seeking out a more natural way to live, for both my family and myself. But I think everyone can relate in some aspect, because everyone has something that’s happening to them, too; something that plagues them they seek solace for, even if only occurs once in a while.

I personally choose simplicity. If I have a problem, I don’t want a complicated answer to that problem. I will find the simplest solution. I am grateful for modern medicine, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to take some treatments at face value when their side effects were worse than the problem.

Often times, during my worst episodes, I would hunker down at home, and only take half a dose. I knew the whole thing would knock me on my rear, and I couldn’t parent my then small children at home with a foggy brain. But half wouldn’t kill the discomfort completely, either, so I would stay at home, half-foggy, still half in pain, aggravated, and angry. Adding insult to injury, becoming home-ridden medically was really wearing on me, the stress of both the issues, the medicines, and what it did to me were growing unbearable. I was desperate for a better answer to my problems.

At first, we changed our diet. It was actually more intentionally for the kids’ issues – attention problems. We went on the Feingold Diet as a family, and felt noticeably different and better. I felt more alert and able to focus better myself, with a drastic reduction in aches and pains, so I could definitely see first hand how it was helping the kids. Unfortunately, even adding supplements to the mix didn’t make everything fully go away.

In reaching out to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who’d listen, one of those friendly advisors sent me a couple essential oil samples from Young Living. I had no idea those tiny sample jars would change my family and me so drastically. And I don’t say this to sound melodramatic about it; I wholeheartedly mean it 100%.

I’d dab the M-Grain oil onto my temples, behind my ears, back of my beck, on my wrists and crook of my arm (hot points) and even a small dab under my nose (to keep inhaling the scent), and the result was amazing. (I’ve mentioned it before here.) These essential oils finally freed me completely of feeling like ‘zombie mom.’

Even after our diet changes, some of my children’s issues still lingered somewhat, but I watched them become soothed and melt away as I gently rubbed Gentle Baby, Peace & Calming®, and Vetiver onto the bottoms of their little feet. They enjoyed their mini foot massage, and I enjoyed helping ease my children into a calmer state in such a natural way.

And I can’t help sharing this joy with others! You know what? I’ve never met a person who it hasn’t helped ease yet. I specifically remember one time having someone say it smelled like a “soup” or something while on the Nintendo trip (to which I laughed, there is basil, marjoram, lavender, and chamomile in it).

Years later, there I was, our November was a busy, ridiculously weird month. I was inactive (physically) for quite some time, and no exercise for me plus winter weather meant the dreaded “winter blues” monster came a-knockin’. I was using the H-E-double-hockeysticks out of my Peace & Calming® and other “Unicorns and Rainbows” blends, but then I felt it. Again. The pain. And my M-Grain bottle was seemingly missing (it had been so long since I’d even had one!), I knew a Young Living replacement order was necessary.

And there I sat, staring at the member page realizing I wanted more, and not just more M-Grain and other essential oils. I didn’t want to just be a member again (like I was so long ago). I wanted to become a distributor, and not just for the awesome discountI wanted to help people the same way that kind soul helped me so many years ago with my issues. I want to be the person that can reach out, even if only through the keyboard, to say, “I can help you!” and do just that! For anyone, any one of you, anybody that needs it.

Young Living diffuser

So I did it – I clicked “order now” and ordered the Premium Starter Kit, because I wanted as much as I could possibly get with my money to start off with. $300+ worth of product for $150 (which is a steal), and a week later, my shipment was happily at my door, and it became official. Everything I already knew that I loved was amplified with each top-turn and every oil dab. The diffuser usage, the toothpaste, NingXia Red® – everything I received, as well as their quality and commitment to purity – everything I already knew about Young Living’s oils were not just confirmed, but heightened.

I chose to use Young Living Oils so long ago because I wanted to help my family and myself. I couldn’t be more happier and prouder that I did.

I am super excited, friends. And amazed. So much more to learn, so much more to try and do and experiment with, and I hope you’ll take a look, and enjoy reading and experiencing with me all the goodness that’s to come. And please, if there’s anything you want to know, ask away! I am here to help you if you need me to!

For now, take a quick peek at this graphic I created, not only for you but for my reference, too, to help show just how many things you can do and help with these therapeutic-grade oils!

Makeover your Wellness Chest with Young Living Oils new 2015I’ve also created a distributor button in my sidebar, so you can easily locate my site in case you want it. Underneath my distributor graphic, you’re always going to find the monthly special, too, if you’re interesting in what’s happening.

Thanks so much for reading my Young Living story. This is not the end, not by any means – just the beginning of a new chapter in it. I’m so grateful you’re here with me.

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We love and trust using Young Living essential oils, having used them for years. For more information, check out my Young Living information page.