Kitchen Cooking Hack – Counter Space Saver and Easy Clean Up

I posted this image to Instagram tonight, and I thought I might share it here with you as well (in case you like to pin household tips and tricks like this). Whether your kitchen is big or small, working effectively in the kitchen is essential when trying to get food on the table for your family. (Especially you’ve got a little one tugging at your leg wanting you RIGHT AWAY, and you’re not done yet!)

Here’s my counter space saving tip: When cutting and taking up a lot of counter space, I like to use the drawer beneath me to hold a bowl of what I’m cutting. This bowl then doubles as an easy way to clean up when you scrape your scraps back into the bowl to toss.

kitchen cooking hack

I happened to always chop right over the cutting board drawer, which makes it easy for me to get in, grab a board, place my bowl in the drawer on top of the other ones, and cut away. I love using this handy scraper from Pampered Chef to help get stuff cleanly into the bowl.

Do you do anything like this to help you save counter space?