Unpacking, Furniture, and Decorating, Oh My! {Plus Exclusive Wayfair Discount Code!}

We’re here! We made it! There is SO SO much to tell you about our trip, vacation, and trek to move several states away. Thankfully, we’ve already met several of our new neighbors, and even a soldier who wants to take our empty boxes off our hands. Unfortunately for him, North Carolina has welcomed us by crying daily. This is the view outside our dining room. {sad face}

rainy North CarolinaWith military moves like this, I always find it easier to feel settled and at home when the house is set up as quickly as possible. I’ve been a busy bee unpacking like a crazy person (because, well, I am one).

See? The downstairs is 95% done, with the exception of a few small things.

Rugs (!!!).

With hardwood floors all downstairs, we need ’em, particularly by our back door, front door, and play room, especially with all this rain. We’ve always had one in our living room, but never anywhere else, because only our great room in our old house had wood. Our old play room used to have carpet, but now that it has hardwoods, we need something fun and playful for under foot. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

new playroomnew playroom floorWayfair HomemakerAs part of my partnership with Wayfair as a Homemaker, I’ve been given a gift card to shop for a fancy-schmancy new rug for our playroom. Woot! It really could use a little pizzazz, but I need your help in deciding! Can you help me? I’d love to know your thoughts about these rugs I’ve been eyeing. Which one do you like best?

I’m really leaning towards purchasing this Mohawk Home Strata Mosaic Stones Rug, what do you think? (And free 2-day delivery, baby!)

Mohawk Home Strata Mosaic Stones RugI also really dig the chevron with this nuLOOM Allure Chevron Light Blue Rug. Isn’t it pretty?

nuLOOM Allure Chevron Light Blue Rug This Mohawk Select Strata Tropical Acres Rug is also kinda dreamy, dontcha think?

Mohawk Home Select Strata Tropical Acres Rug Then there’s this nuLOOM Veranda Orange Chevron Rug that kinda sings to me, but it might be just too bright.

nuLOOM Veranda Orange Chevron RugThis Chatham Dark Grey/Ivory Chevron Rug looks so sooo soft! While it’s not colorful like the others, I think between the softness and pattern, it’ll look great!

Safavieh Chatham Dark Grey:Ivory Chevron RugI’m also wondering, instead of something colorful, if I shouldn’t do something natural like this Kerala Natural Rug, or some other Jute/Sisal rug.

Anji Mountain Kerala Natural RugIf you’re in the market for a new rug, too, in partnering with Wayfair, I’m offering an exclusive Wayfair discount code for 15% off rugs right now! Just enter the promo code “RUGLUV30” at checkout. This discount code will be valid for 15% off all Area Rugs (yup, ALL area rugs), but only from 7/31 to 8/4. Hurry!

Are you looking to add a new rug to a room, or are you looking to add one to your hallway, porch, or somewhere else?