Baby V hugging daddy

Surprise! We’re moving you to Fort Bragg, because you promoted, and we need First Sergeants right now, so when you get here you’ll probably get a company within a couple months. Surprise! No, no you’re not getting a company. You’ve been away too long. Oh, and you’re getting deployed. Surprise! Your husband isn’t leaving for deployment […]

Our Newest Family Member

back to sleep

It’s not every day you find your newest family member at a gas station, but that’s exactly what happened. – – “Mom? Dad? Our gas says “free (three)!” Baby Dude worriedly pointed out. (He is such a little mini-me with his planning, organization, and logistical look at things. He keeps tabs on the gas reading […]

Tweet with Sean Astin! RSVP for Vox Populi Radio’s Twitter Chat 4/26 #RaiseYourVox

Sean Astin Vox Populi Twitter Chat 4/26

Are you ready to partay!!?! Actor Sean Astin’s is premiering it’s long-anticipated Season 2 on Thursday, May 1st, and we are celebrating with a Twitter Chat this Saturday night! Get the popcorn and snacks, friends, and mark your calendars! April 26th, 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET. Sean’s Vox Populi radio show had quite a […]

My Husband’s Promotion!

promotion to master sergeant

He’s been waiting so long for this, and he didn’t want to wait a single solitary second. As soon as he was given the news that he would be a Master Sergeant as of April 1st, he began planning his promotion ceremony. April Fools or no, he was doing it. Sure, he had to face […]

Whirlwind Trip to LA

that's a wrap!

Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity with three other Nintendo Ambassadors to participate in a photo shoot and interview for an upcoming project for the Wii Fit U, also including a celebrity trainer. (You may or may not have caught her announcing she was filming with us, too). Right now, I don’t have much to […]

We Did It! A New Dining Room Set

new dining room set

As soon as I found it on Craigslist, I transferred money over from Paypal. But would the sellers wait for me? Would the sellers be flooded with other offers? We emailed back and forth throughout the week – asking dimensions, etc. The man was sweet, patient, eager to sell and downsize for his family. He […]

Email Subscriptions and Feed Delivery Ch-ch-ch-channnges!

move to feedblitz

Dear friends, Feedburner, my once-chosen RSS feed delivery service, is seemingly dying. I woke up to this scare last week, thinking I’d lost all of you: Amazingly enough, it is STILL not remedied! Even if Google is claiming it’s simply a “bug” (and this is freakin’ GOOGLE we’re talking about), and it’s still not fixed?! Something […]

Baby V is Here!


After quite a crazy long day for us yesterday, our Leap Day baby was born. It’s a girl! Meet Baby V! So many more pictures and details to come. We are still in the hospital, expecting to go home soon, but they are monitoring her a bit more closely. She aspirated quite a bit of […]

First Post. New Blog. Hold Me.


I, Lisa Douglas, did the unimaginable (for me) – I traded in my happy-go-lucky Blogger blog for a shiny new WordPress one, professionally designed (with artwork from moi), and I have to tell you, while the thought of learning this whooooole other platform scares the bejeebus out of me, I couldn’t be more thrilled. And […]

2011 Reflections and Anti-Resolutions for 2012


n. res·o·lu·tion 1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2. A resolving to do something. 3. A course of action determined or decided on. Last year, I wrote about my New Years anti-resolutions plans on Momicillin, how I didn’t feel people should make lists of resolutions of “improvements” they won’t keep, and that we should, […]

Win a FRIDGE! Join Me and Whirlpool for A Water Filtration Twitter Party 7/26 7:30 EST #FilterFresh


Who wants to win a new fridge?! Ahh, I feel like Oprah! Stay tuned, details on how to win are below. Living a (mostly) all-natural and organic lifestyle isn’t just limited with food, cleaning solutions and personal care products, but it also involves water, too. Tap water nowadays contains chlorine (to control bacterial growth), lead […]

Sweet and Skinny Cookbook Twitter Party with Truvia and Marisa Churchill (Plus a Giveaway!)


Everyone loves a good party, right? Mark your calendars for June 28th, friends, because this one you won’t want to miss! DESSERTS, people, we’re talking desserts! YES! And even better? We’re talking great-tasting desserts that WON’T punish your hips for eating ’em. Can I get an amen? On Tuesday, June 28th, you’ll get the opportunity […]

Nervous. Overwhelmed. Excited. Hold me.


Hubby’s creepy smile about receiving orders Today we’re going to pile all eleventy-kajillion of our kids in the car to begin an adventure to our soon-to-be new hometown of San Antonio, TX. Six hours and many gray-hairs later, we will meet our USAA-approved realtor for the first time, a lovely woman with eleventy-kajillion kids herself, and […]

Project You Magazine – Did You See (Me)?


The folks over at have made absolute magic with a wonderful new magazine called Project You. I feel blessed that I got to be a part of it for their inaugural issue. From their website: Project You is all about you – joys and challenges you face while also being nurse, confidante, chauffeur, teacher, […]

My Ten-Year-Old Photographer (and The Story of the New Headshot)


I needed to submit a head-shot of myself to a new website I’m going to be working with (stay tuned for that announcement!), except the head-shots that I already had weren’t the best. Neither my husband nor myself really know what the heck we’re doing with this camera most times, so it’s of no surprise […]



Construct [v. kuhn-struhkt; n. kon-struhkt] Verb: to build or form by putting together parts; frame; devise. Geometry- to draw (a figure) fulfilling certain given conditions. Noun: something constructed. an image, idea, or theory, esp. a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements. I’ve had quite a lot of things being constructed around me […]

Visit Me!


Watch out, I’ve got my target acquired. Or, maybe that’s just my Baby Dude. Read more at, where lil ‘ol me has contributed once again to their Daily Dose of Humor section! Have you noticed the new Savvy Source widget in my sidebar? (See below) Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting Crazy Adventures in […]

Vote For Me and Help Send Me to BlogHer!


Remember I entered the Protect-A-Bed BlogHer contest? They announced today that I’m a finalist!! Could you take a moment to vote for me, pretty please? I really want to go! And if you wouldn’t mind passing along the word via Twitter? Or on your blog, or tattoo-ing it on yourself? (Okay, maybe that’s a bit […]

Disney Magical Goodness


Friends, I have news (how I sat on it this long is beyond me). Big news. (This seems to be the week for it, huh?) On April Fool’s Day I received an email that read something along the lines of (and I’m only paraphrasing, here): Dear Lisa, We’ve been in touch with Santa, who says […]

Momma Has A New Toy


You know you’ve purchased a good camera when you can see up your son’s nose. Clearly, even. Houston, we have boogers.(G’head, click the picture to make it bigger. This thing rocks my socks!) Oh, we’ve only just begun, kids. We have only just begun…. Never miss a post! Subscribe here for all kinds of crazy […]

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Today Show Appearance


Was that really me around the 1:36 mark? Was that my youngest’s fuzzy head poking out the Moby Wrap I was wearing? Did that really happen yesterday? Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Wasn’t Wendy Piersall from Sparkplugging beautiful? Didn’t she represent us well? And Melissa the Consumer Queen, […]

Today Show


Mark your calendars! Guess who’s vlog will appear on NBC’s Today Show, during their Digital Moms series, which airs Monday and Tuesday *ahem* Me, that’s who. Yeah! My vlog will be in a segment about moms using technology to bring about change, and will be shown on Tuesday while they talk about Motrin and how […]