Happiness is ______ {2014-W44} #happinessis

We spent 52 weeks in 2013 celebrating what made us happy, and it WAS a fantastic year. Let’s make 2014 the year where we really truly focus on surrounding ourselves with only joy and happiness all year round, every month, every week, every day. Tell me, what makes you happy? What is it that you […]

Morning Walk Musings #truththursday

While I miss San Antonio, my Texas friends and family. I cannot deny that I’m really loving North Carolina. We used to have to wait for the “cooler” weather until November in San Antonio, suffering through 90’s (and even 100’s) until that point. But here? The cooler fall weather already hit in September, and it’s […]

On Learning, Listening, and Finally Taking Time for Me #beautyis #Mom2Summit

When I stepped out of the minivan and onto the sidewalk of the airport, I felt anxious and nervous. I was second-guessing my decision to go. I hadn’t been away from the baby for more than 24 hours before – what if she needed me? What if my husband couldn’t handle it through the night? […]

Dream a Little Dream of Reality

I used to have a ceramic floral tea cup and plate sitting upon a lacy doily with dried carnations and roses resting on my white nightstand. As a child, I loved french romance. I cut out many phrases artfully taped to my wall, and experienced many dreams of my future adulthood in my four poster […]

Turning the Corner – On Squareness, Roundness, and Fitting In

I get lost in the every day with my family, especially lately. I’m focusing so much time and energy on them, myself, this house, our lives, that suddenly I blink and it’s been five days since I’ve opened up my WordPress dashboard to write anything. Every day since Baby V was born was a struggle. […]

Happiness is ______ {Week Twenty-Six} #happinessis

2013 is going to be a fantastic year – a year where we collectively focus on the happy and the joy in our lives. What makes you happy? What is it that you do that you can’t get enough of? What makes your soul shine, your eyes beam, and your insides sparkle? Happiness is so […]

The Day of Can’ts

Every single day I experience “can’ts” of some kind, whether I want to or not. Some days I can’t sleep, other days I can’t eat, or I can’t move an inch without the baby chasing me, shrieking “Mama!!!” Today was a day of all my can’ts put into a blender, set to high, but without […]

How a Fever, Sleepless Nights, & Obnoxious Kids Changed Me as a Mom Forever

After getting sick late Wednesday night, I spent the last part of the week in a fever-induced haze. Tired, rundown, haggard, vacillating between sweating and freezing, all while battling a suspicious fever that persisted with no other symptoms or ailments to warrant or explain its existence. I did my damnedest to scrub the evil fever from my […]


Her chest rises and falls with every inhalation; I struggle to adjust to its temporarily silence, unwilling to disrupt it with electronic interference while she sleeps. She flails about in her sleep often, unable to attain rest-filled peace. I stand guard, agitated and twitchy; I want to rise, move about, do something, ANYTHING, but I […]

Two Weeks

He’s gone again. This time, for two weeks. Gone during Valentine’s day (again). He left at 3am early Monday morning, after only sleeping for a couple hours (if that). We clung to one another while we slept. I fell asleep sobbing, holding him, as I normally do the night before he leaves. Reality sets in […]

Mourning a Monday Gone Wrong

Oh, holy hell. Monday was a hot mess. More than a Monday usually is. My 5+ year Walmart.com account was hacked, which lead to a barrage of phone calls to everyoneandtheirmother to change passwords, cancel accounts and cards and “block” and “identity theft paperwork” and a whole slew of sh!t I never want to deal with […]

The Birthday Fail and Lesson Learned

During every walk this week, Baby Dude and I concocted a plan about how we were to “picnic” on his birthday yesterday, having lunch on a blanket, at the park, eating our PB&Js and carrotsticks in the sunlight while sipping water and swinging swings. It wasn’t the most dazzling plan of all plans, but it […]

Weight Loss and Sucking At It

I hate the first of the month. (Weigh day.) I should look forward to it, because I should be seeing the scale move, with all the dieting and working out I’m doing, but I’m not. Instead, I saw TWO FREAKING POUNDS gained. What the hell? And then, trying to regain my composure, I taped myself, […]

I Looked Okay On The Outside

I smiled all of the time and meant it most of the time even though some of the times I didn’t want to smile, but actually cry Openly. In someone’s arms like I was a kid seeking refuge in my mother’s arms after being wronged except the only wrong inflicted was from myself my own […]

Weight Loss Update & Summertime Tips #grabaspoon

When I went in for my four-week postpartum check, I was happy to find I’d lost a lot of the baby weight, but having been inactive towards the end of my pregnancy, I knew I had a long ways to go. Couple that with the stressful move and lots of fast-food eating that did me […]

The PPD Anvil

I burped the baby on my left shoulder as I sat on the couch, shh-shh-shh-ing her in her ear as I timed the taps to her back simultaneously. She nestled herself within my neck; the scent of her sweet-smelling head sent trickles through me as the tears welled, dripping down my cheek and onto her […]

29 Weeks Pregnant – The Struggling, Not-Doing-So-Well Edition

When I had my daughter back in ’07, I ended up with a whopping case of PPD. I recall being particularly stressed out and emotional during her pregnancy, too. It seems that’s happening during this pregnancy as well. I may seem uppity and cheerful and chipper and happy, and I sure do try to put […]

At the Crossroads of Crying, Hyperventilating and Insanity: The Joys of Womanhood

Do you ever get that tight feeling in your chest, like someone’s sitting on it, forcing you to huff and puff through tears, inhaling with all your might as you fight off sobs? I do. These crying moments are fleeting, I know, it’s part of being a woman (a super-sensitive one, in fact), but sometimes […]

Confession Time

On Tuesday the 15th, I swore to my husband I was going to have everyone packed and ready to go so we could leave bright and early Wednesday morning. Everyone’s piles were neatly stacked, laundry was being done and so ‘official packing’ would wait a bit longer. I snuck upstairs to play “dress-up” to decide […]


It’s 10:22pm. I’m tired with a chronic headache that has lasted almost a week, thanks to an eye ulcer and infection. Today has been a largely full day of chasing kids, breaking up fights, laundry spilling out of the laundry room because it towers too high, school pick-ups and drop-offs, breastfeeding marathons with a cranky […]

The Flood

He woke up from his nap and of course, moseyed over to me for some quality fresh-from-his-nap boob time. He crawled up into my lap, half-asleep, nuzzled himself into my shirt while I tiredly sat at my desk, slurped coffee, hoping the warmth of it would help soothe my throat some. (Despite my best efforts, […]

Unicorns and Rainbows

I have many weapons in my stress-killing arsenal that have been put to the test these past couple weeks with my husband away. Yesterday, however, I took them all at once. It was that kind of day, friends. And do you know what happened? Unicorns and rainbows happened. Like, eleventy-billion of ’em. It was frickin’ […]

I’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Mother’s Day 2010 will go down as the worst ever for me. Not because hubby was gone (or at least, not directly because he was), but because I didn’t even want to celebrate it because the kids have been a tad, um, inconsiderate lately (to put it nicely). Between being sick and trying to manage […]