Anti-Candida Diet from H-e-l-l

I wish I could sit here and tell you how WONDERFULLY I’m doing on this anti-candida diet, how marvelously LIFE-CHANGING this has been for me, how purging all the sugar and carbs from my diet has made me feel like a NEW WOMAN. But it hasn’t. Not yet, anyway. Right now, it totally sucks. I’m […]

Angel Soft® Facial Tissue Soft Packs Travel Wherever, Whenever. Because Boogers Happen.

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft® facial tissue, but the allergies and booger-talk is all mine. I posted this image on Instagram yesterday. I couldn’t resist taking this picture while on my morning walk taking the kids to school. Back to school time living here means I get to walk them to and from school daily, because […]

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Oh, friends. This is a soup that beckons you in your sleep. It’s warm, and soothing, and has a bit of bite that keeps your lips warm even long after you’ve finished eating. It’s chock-full of tomatoey goodness, with beans, corn, and oniony happiness. Add in a little freshly shredded pepper jack cheese and some […]

Hello. I’m sorry. Ignore this post.

If you’re seeing this, this is an insignificant post I have created merely for my blog’s benefit. The commenting system on this blog, Disqus, is messed up and I needed to create a dummy post. I’m backdating this, too, so you may wonder why the date is jacked up. I’m doing anything and everything I […]