A Little Family Time with Netflix

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. Family movie night. Car-ride duets. Weekend dance fests. The best moments happen when families come together, and much of that happens over music and entertainment. It’s why 40% of families say they routinely watch all sorts of shows together. It’s also why you grow nostalgic for the music […]

The Playlist of Your Life

It was September 26th, 2008, and I felt as big as a house, being a day overdue with Baby Dude. I delved head first into the music folder on my then-desktop computer and played the dancier of my tunes to rock out a bit, hoping to dance the baby out. One of my more happier […]

Top Valentine Gifts Ideas for Him

Valentines Day is fastly approaching! If you haven’t already gone out and gotten something for your that man of yours yet, don’t worry, you’ve still got time, and *cue superhero music* I’m here to save the day!! *cough* Alright fine, I’m not. Just sayin’. Here’s a couple things you might want to consider if you’re […]

He’s Just Not That Into You Soundtrack

I’m sure you recall when the book He’s Just Not That Into You came out and was featured on Oprah, all the buzz surrounding it, as if flew off the shelves, women in the streets freaking out about it being so smack-yourself-in-the-forehead-Homer-Simpson-style “D’OH!” it was about dating and the excuses. It spread like wildfire. If […]

Note to Self

I made a huge mistake today. See, I was slacking off, not wanting to be a grown up today and do my morning duties. I knew I needed to get my ‘mojo’ going, so I decided to play music. Only, the song I chose was my almost-two-year-old’s favorite song, “Escape” by Enrique Iglesius. The song […]

Need Some Soul?

One of my most favorite songs by Seal is “Kiss From A Rose”. I definitely wasn’t the only one who loved that song, as he ended up with a Grammy from that CD entitled Seal II, which included the songs “Don’t Cry” and “Prayer for the Dying.” I still have it to this day, it’s […]

Tackle It Tuesday – Garage

Need a little mood music to get my tacklin’ skills on, while I start cleaning out the garage and taking pictures of things to sell. And then Noggin happened to play my most favorite song that Jack’s Big Music Show has to offer: Nuttin But Stringz. LOVE THEM. Turn up your speakers and ENJOY! 🙂