Happiness is ______ {Week Twenty-Four} #happinessis

2013 is going to be a fantastic year – a year where we collectively focus on the happy and the joy in our lives. What makes you happy? What is it that you do that you can’t get enough of? What makes your soul shine, your eyes beam, and your insides sparkle? Happiness is so […]

The Post Where I Praise Wipes and Talk About Butts #spon

Baby poo-splosions are not my favorite. There’s a lot of things that I love about having babies, but those are not one of them. Baby V is particularly impressive at catching me quite off guard, especially when she’s just been dressed, bathed, or both. Imagine her fresh out of the bath, lotioned up nice and […]

How a Fever, Sleepless Nights, & Obnoxious Kids Changed Me as a Mom Forever

After getting sick late Wednesday night, I spent the last part of the week in a fever-induced haze. Tired, rundown, haggard, vacillating between sweating and freezing, all while battling a suspicious fever that persisted with no other symptoms or ailments to warrant or explain its existence. I did my damnedest to scrub the evil fever from my […]

The Birthday Fail and Lesson Learned

During every walk this week, Baby Dude and I concocted a plan about how we were to “picnic” on his birthday yesterday, having lunch on a blanket, at the park, eating our PB&Js and carrotsticks in the sunlight while sipping water and swinging swings. It wasn’t the most dazzling plan of all plans, but it […]

Pinterest Finds – Things I Want to Try This Week

I am a huge Pinterest addict! There is something so fascinating about being able to see what a post’s about before you click on it, isn’t there? Visually appealing photography of a subject, or something of great interest that draws you in, wanting to know more. I almost always have eleventy-billion tabs open just to […]

Princess Doll Cake – The (Almost) Caketastrophe

Let this post serve more as a warning to you folks attempting to make your own Princess Doll Cake, m’kay? Note the strategic blurring of the photo around the edges, particularly the bottom. Don’t ask what happened to the bottom cake. It wasn’t pretty. First, save yourself some trouble – not every cake needs to be […]

Letting Big Kids Help at Dinner = Life Lessons

My husband asked my oldest son to mix the biscuits and place them on our baking stone while he ran to the store for a missing ingredient. He’s ten, and it sounded pretty easy, so I let him do it, but, as it turned out, it wasn’t easy for him. Minutes later – “Mom!? I […]

To Do Tuesday – Week 9

If this is your first time reading and you’re wondering what To-Do Tuesday is all about, click to check out the first post to find out more. I didn’t do too badly this past week, but I didn’t do too great, either. Doing well on dieting and working out, though. And the emailing/commenting every other […]

Busy Mom Fitness – Healthified Recipes – Day 8

Baby Weight Be Gone – A Busy Mom’s Guide to Fitness Lose the Baby Weight – Want to Join Me? Pride Swallowing Time – My Before Pictures – Day 1 Busy Mom Fitness – Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Day 2 Busy Mom Fitness- Sweeten Your Disposition – Day 3 Busy Mom Fitness […]

What Are Your Favorite Posts of Mine?

(Oh my word, am I ever tired. Did you see the first title of this post? It originally read “What’s Your Favorite Post of Mine?” I then changed it, so you could vote for more than one, to supposedly read “What Are…” but instead? My non-sleeping self wrote “What’s Are…” Big DUH. Wow. I need […]