Summer Fun with Backyard Water Toys from H2OGO!

This is a sponsored review for H2OGO! Backyard Water Toys. We are ready to rock the summer of 2016, baby! We’ve partnered with H2OGO! to sample some of their amazing, colorful, and exciting backyard water toys. This is the company that revolutionized backyard water fun last summer with their launch of the first and only water slide with […]

Eve Mattress Review – The Best Sleep of My Life!

This is a sponsored review for eve mattress. Have you ever visited a hotel where the mattress was one of the softest most comfortables things EVER? The kind of soft that swallows you into it – where you lose all track of time and suddenly want to bail on your to-do list so you can just […]

Summer Fun with Hasbro! #summerfun

It’s SUMMER! (Said in my best Olaf voice.) Summertime fun comes in all shapes and sizes. I love having tons for the kids to do to keep them happily entertained amongst themselves, and I’ve partnered with Hasbro to feature some of their fun toys and sets to showcase all kinds of fun! Can it get […]

Breakfast Fun with Our Favorite Tommee Tippee Products

Here’s a peek into our every day. What’s in the bowl usually varies – some days it’s cereal. Some days it’s oatmeal. Or orange slices, maybe grapes. Or, if it’s lunch, it’s mac and cheese (her favorite). Today, for breakfast, it’s Peanut Butter Dots cereal (an HEB favorite). She sits, happily sipping her apple juice […]

Happiness is ______ {2014-W15} #happinessis

We spent 52 weeks in 2013 celebrating what made us happy, and it WAS a fantastic year. Let’s make 2014 the year where we really truly focus on surrounding ourselves with only joy and happiness all year round, every month, every week, every day.Tell me, what makes you happy? What is it that you do […]

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas with Flair from ProFlowers and More!

It’s almost Easter! How are you getting ready for it? We’ve been decorating for it for a few weeks now, and I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to with a few select additions the folks at ProFlowers sent me to make it schnazzy and more spring-like! As you enter the house, […]

Crazy Adventuring with the Stokke® Scoot™ Stroller and GIVEAWAY!

Stay tuned to win one of these AWESOME Stokke® Scoot™ strollers! But first, read my review of this delightful stroller we were given to try out during this busy sports season. I’m eager to share with you just how handy stroller it’ been to have for our busy family! ♫We go walking, and running, and […]

10 Sticky Situations Where Baby Washcloths Can Save Your Life

I’m a member of the JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES council. Kids are dirty little monkeys. And that’s okay! Kids are allowed to experiment with their surroundings (and food, ahem), it’s how they get to know the world around them. But life with kids can get really messy. (And sticky. And somewhat gag-inducing at times.) But when […]

Adventures of the Britax B-READY and The Baby Thief

there was a family of nine who lived in Texas and loved a good adventure. One day, they received a fancy new “Rolls Royce of strollers” in the mail to review called the Britax B-READY. They were quite excited about it! After a quick and painless few minutes snapping it together quite easily, they were […]

Stuffed Italian Bread Recipe {with Pizza Toppings}

This recipe is sponsored by Carbonell and Social Moms. Have you ever eaten Stuffed Italian Bread before? It’s almost a fusion of cheesy garlic bread and pull apart bread. I love how you can add whatever ingredients you’d like to truly make it special for your family. I decided to turn it into a Pizza-Stuffed […]

VTech Cordless Speakerphone Awesomeness for Busy Families #VTechHubOfHome

This post is sponsored by VTech and Burst Media. Gone are the days we had to limbo under our parents’ gigantically large phone cord in the kitchen to get to the fridge. Remember those phones? How heavy and clunky the handset was, with a cord that weighed five pounds that could stretch from one end […]

My Must-Have Baby Gear for Baby’s First Six Months

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUK. The opinions and text are all mine. Having a baby is a miracle in itself, but sometimes those to-do lists and shopping/packing lists from all the parenting books, magazines, and websites can seem quite overwhelming. Do you really need eleventy-billion spit-up rags, a […]

DIY Birthday Crowns

This craft post is sponsored by Lance Snacks and DECA. We just celebrated my son’s ninth birthday last week. We invited his school-friend over to hang out and celebrate with us, but what he didn’t realize was that his friend was secretly bringing his bike over to ride because my son was getting a new […]

Chic and Stylish Prêt à Paquet Lunch Containers are AWESOME!

In honor of my Operation Awesome School Lunch page, Prêt à Paquet sent me samples of their containers to try out and use for our to-go school lunches. My children have been using them religiously for the past two months, and I have to tell you, we love these things! These Lunch To Go containers include an […]

Red Light, Green Light, Brush Your Teeth #Firefly4Kids

This post is sponsored by Burst Media on behalf of Firefly® Toothbrushes. We’re always in the market for a good kids toothbrush for our gaggle of children. Baby Dude was pretty jealous of his sister’s newest score recently, but he didn’t want to have one like hers, he wanted something “cooler” for his own. Firefly® sent […]

Reebok DMX Sky Review #livewithfire

I am pretty faithful to the running shoes I already have, as I was fitted for them (and I recommend every runner be fitted for their running shoes initially), but I have always been a longtime lover of the Reebok brand. When I was younger working in retail and restaurants, anytime I could wear sneakers […]

Tooth Brushing Fun with Your Favorite Boy Band

Ever since my daughter had a dental check in school, teeth cleanliness is all she can talk about. “But mooooom! I can’t eat that chicken, it might get stuck in my teeth!” She’s crazy adorable, but sometimes her lawyering of a situation makes me both proud and scared for our future (ha). She is VERY […]

OshKosh B’gosh New Arrivals

When dressing my children, I go for adorableness, but specifically aim for durability. We save our children’s clothing to pass down from child to child. All of the younger children have taken pride to wear their older siblings clothing, and it makes my heart sing to see baby after baby, child after child, rewearing clothing […]

And Then She Said “Mama”

Baby V finally said it! I’ve endured “Dada” for months, and “Nana” and “Tata” and “Gaga” but never “Mama.” And there we were, just finishing up her third feeding of the day with Target up&up baby pouches, and maybe she was licking her lips? Maybe she was maneuvering her tongue around for that last little […]

Saving Money and Time by Holiday Shopping with eBay

As an avid money-saver, I often seek out second-hand items in order to save money. It’s just an easy way for a family like ours to save money, particularly on clothing. 80% of my children’s wardrobes were hand-me-downs from their older brothers and sisters, or purchased from thrift stores, Good Will, or off eBay. Good […]

Wall Mounted TV and Upcoming Playroom Makeover #TVSafety

Once upon a time, I owned one of those RCA huge box TV thingamabobs that weighed as heavy as a Mack truck. Before flat screen TVs, that was all their was, and I was always fearful it would fall and hurt one of my children. We kept it as low as possible, on a TV […]

Help Me Choose My Holiday Cards, Please?

Last year, you lovely people helped me decide which holiday cards to choose. This year, I’m hoping you’ll help me do it again. We trust Tiny Prints with our cards because their quality is unsurpassed, and their choices are original and spectacular. I want to share with you just how much I love them and why […]

ShopYourWay’s New App: Win Your Way

If you’re a ShopYourWay rewards member, you’re going to want to check out their new contest app, Win Your Way. Win Your Way is their new app that is now part of the ShopYourWay social shopping platform in which SYW Members can sign in and find a constant stream of new and unique sweepstakes. Prizes may […]

The Story About My Stolen Credit Card

Once upon a time, there used to be gas attendants who would pump our gas and wash our windshields for us, checking our oil levels while taking cash payments with ease, or running credit cards for payment without incident. We would sit in the comfort of our vehicles, warm, dry, comforted knowing the attendants were […]

Virtual Reality for Kids – Disney’s Royal Ball App

When I first started downloaded fun apps for the kids on my new iPad, my husband wasn’t exactly thrilled. “We bought this iPad for your work, not for the kids, you know!” He proclaims this statement every time they ask to play a game on it. I completely understand where he’s coming from, it IS […]

How Not to Starve Yourself as a Mom to Small People {Video} #theproteineffect

Because of Princess Fuss-A-Lot (aka Baby V), meals for me have to be quick, succinct, and most-importantly grab ‘n go. I don’t get time to luxuriously and meticulously cook and masticate a feast until dinner time, because that’s when I finally have parental back-up aka my “other” set of arms. During the day, though? Psshaw. […]

Soccer Cinderella and the Royal Ball

Once upon a time.. there was a sweet blonde-haired kindergarten princess who loved playing soccer with daddy, the King, as a her coach. After a game one Saturday, her mother, the Queen, surprised her with a fun, dress-up date to go somewhere special – a Royal Ball at her local Walmart! Unfortunately, the kind, well-intentioned […]