Chronicling the Good, the Bad, and the “Hegg Aches”

“Baby Dude’s asleep,” my eleven-year-old told me. “He’s WHAT? Did he even eat any of his dinner?” “Some..” she said. He had just gotten down from the table. He climbed up the stairs, to resume his Wii game, and promptly fell asleep with the controller in his hands. It wasn’t even eight-o’clock yet. My daughter […]

An Unplanned Day

Amidst blistering heat and preparations for homemade chocolate ice cream, the lights went out. Not exactly what we had in mind for our day. Luckily we’d already frozen some juice for ice pops, and begun preparations for pineapple slushies. We’d also planned hot dogs for lunch, which were now barbecued instead of sauteed, served with […]

Fun in the Sun

We went to the pool this week. Every day. We’re hoping to move to the housing area that has this pool here on post (which would be SWEET, to walk to this pool every time we want to!) But for now, we’ll just have to live with driving the whopping three minutes it takes us […]

Summer Family Fun

Every year we go out and buy some flimsy inflatable pool for our backyard. Every. Friggin. Year. Usually, we get the same pool and something inevitably happens to it. Every. Friggin. Year. (Never said we were smart.) So here we are again, getting hot, we need a pool. There we were, in the pool aisle, […]

Two-Hundred Nine

(Mind you, I didn’t say 2009, like the year. I said 209.) That’s how many people voted for my entry into the Protect-A-Bed Scholarship contest. And every last 209 of you who did helped me more than you will ever know. There are many people I want to thank for this (and I apologize if […]

13 Reasons We Need to Move

These are my thirteen reasons we want to apply to move into the newer five-bedroom military housing that they’re building here on post. (Ha, as if there were only thirteen reasons to get out of this house!) Tell me what you think.. will they approve our request? 13. Air-conditioning. There’s a gigantic cylinder-type thing that […]

Disney, Thankfulness, Kids and Mumblings

There is so much to be thankful for lately. I am absolutely brimming and have to let it all out, I hope you don’t mind. I am thankful for the sun and the warmth of the sun, how incredible it feels to be able to go out and walk in it, watching my flowers blossom […]

13 Reasons I Need A New Camera

It. Is. KILLING ME to continue to use this camera. I really need a new one. I have to take better pictures. Time won’t stand still for my babies. Today was a beautiful, hot day in which we went for a walk and to the park, and I thought to myself “I get great shots […]

Garden Love

There’s something to say for the pride you feel at the end of a job well done. I’ve busted my behind this week, weeding, picking dead leaves out of plants and mulch, replanting new treasures to adorn our yard, watering, more fussing about the yard, both front and back. I’m so pleased with how much […]


April showers, yadda yadda. (Between you and me, I’ve had enough in the past two weeks.) I am thankful for candles, for flashlights, and backup batteries, too. For snacky food that needs no preparation, for my grill lighter, and for it not being too cold/hot, so we could do without the heat/air, if need be. […]