Bloggers: How to Add Analytics Code to WP Touch for Mobile Tracking

Fellow blogging friends, if you haven’t already heard, starting April 21st, Google will start penalizing website owners that do not have a mobile-friendly template installed on their sites. Up until now, you had a choice – go mobile or don’t. And if you didn’t, nothing happened to you – until now. If you had mobile implemented on […]

Toddler Play Felt Tree Craft

Are you looking for a solution to the Toddler Kills the Tree™ syndrome? Welcome guest contributor Kristin, mother to five, who has a really smart and cute idea she implemented in her home I just had to have her share with you! I love Christmas. Like, really really love it. As in, I’m-looking-for-Christmas-things-on-Pinterest-in-July kind-of love it. […]

DIY Felt Embellished Flip Flops Craft Tutorial

Last week, you saw my yarn-tied embellished flip flops tutorial for my daughter. I’m so happy to share with you this new DIY felt embellished flip flops craft – aren’t they just ridiculously cute and adorable? My GOSH I have a lot of felt left over, too, I think I’ll be creating some cute accessories […]

Heart-Shaped Braid Tutorial

Would you like your daughter to have a cute heart-shaped braid for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion? This braid is a lot easier than you might think, and can be done using a french braid or an inverted french braid. What you’ll need – A brush, a wide-toothed comb, a fine-toothed comb, a clip […]

How to Embed Your Vine Videos into Posts

If you’re anything like me, and you’re taking fun, stop-motion videos using the new Vine app, you’re probably reeeeally wanting to share these videos online and embed them into posts. It’s really a lot easier than you might think, actually. Step 1: If you’ve shared the Vine video with Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see a […]

DIY School Paper Holder and Glittery Clipboard

Paper clutter is taking over my life! It’s mind-blowing just how much paper the kids bring home to me daily, on top of the junk mail and all the other crazy stuff kicking around. I knew I needed a solution, particularly for the mounds of school-related paperwork that get placed onto surfaces and then scattered […]

Pinterest Group Boards Do NOT Share Followers

For the past month, Pinterest has been broke for me, in one way or another. First, my personal boards went missing. Now, it’s my group (collaboration) boards that are seemingly MIA. While being without access to those group boards, I decided to conduct a little research experiment with a friend, and I wanted to share my findings […]

The EASY Way to Add Google Authorship for AuthorRank to Your Blog or Website

I’m encountering a lot of writer and blogging friends having trouble trying to set-up the Google authorship process on their websites by linking their Google+ accounts to their sites. I’ve visited all the articles that touch upon this process, and while there are a lot of great websites that explain AuthorRank and even go into specifics on how […]

DIY Weekly Menu Board

Pin It I told you a couple weeks ago my plan – to make a DIY weekly menu board for our meal plans each week. With a menu board, you create cards featuring all the dinner choices you make, making it super-easy to create a meal plan for the week, and showcase what’s “on deck” to […]

Easy Teacher Gift Craft “Thanks a Latte” Starbucks Gift Card

Need an easy-to-make teacher gift to give this holiday? Look no further! I wanted to give each of my children’s FIFTEEN teachers (!!) a gift they could use in a fun and whimsical way. Knowing the popularity of Starbucks nowadays, I thought a “Thanks a Latte” card might be a cute way to present giving […]