Trampoline Sprinkler Fun – A Poem

Bathing suits snap against skin, tightening knots on waistbands, water spout creaks, sliding into the “on” position, forcing icy retreat through the snake-like rubber hose, sprinkler hissing, flailing water to and fro. Happiness and jubilation beneath the blue sky. Summer has arrived.

A Toast to the End of School Chaos

If school hasn’t ended for your children already, it’s about to, and it’s not going to start out too wonderfully for us, parents. No, not because the kids are suddenly home all the time (because that part is the awesome part!). As soon as the summer hits, and those first few days (or week) come where there is […]


Her chest rises and falls with every inhalation; I struggle to adjust to its temporarily silence, unwilling to disrupt it with electronic interference while she sleeps. She flails about in her sleep often, unable to attain rest-filled peace. I stand guard, agitated and twitchy; I want to rise, move about, do something, ANYTHING, but I […]

The Walk

I see the tiniest hint of yellow in the trees Which is funny to me Because it’s still 80 degrees My legs reach out one after the next Toe to heel and stretch My arms grip and flex In the jogging stroller, my children’s smiles are wide As I feel the breeze, I feel my […]

First Day of Kindergarten {Stream of Consciousness}

{Hears things rustling. Sees twelve-year-old fully dressed in the dark.} “Baby? What time is it?” “5-something.” “Um, your alarm doesn’t go off until 6:30. What the heck are you doing awake?” {Doze back to sleep.} …. {Hears a noise.} Is.. is that my alarm? Crap. It is my alarm. {Hulk Smash alarm} I don’t want […]

Blogging Inspiration from SARK

When you’re in college, you go through that self-discovery phase – who am I? What am I doing on this Earth? What am I going to be when I grow up? Am I ready to take on the world? I loved my college campus, sitting underneath the beautiful trees, soaking up the sun, reading a […]

Chronicling the Good, the Bad, and the “Hegg Aches”

“Baby Dude’s asleep,” my eleven-year-old told me. “He’s WHAT? Did he even eat any of his dinner?” “Some..” she said. He had just gotten down from the table. He climbed up the stairs, to resume his Wii game, and promptly fell asleep with the controller in his hands. It wasn’t even eight-o’clock yet. My daughter […]

Your Daily Dose of Double Chin

As her eyes match mine more regularly, widening, while her face fills out, The rolls of baby fat begin to accumulate on her arms and thighs, The baby talk of oohs and coos begin, as do her newborn smiles, Love fills the room, our hearts, our family, Spilling over like the sweet skin of her […]

I Am Me

I feel kind-of dorky when in front of the camera. I am usually behind it, quite happy to be snapping away at the life surrounding me. You won’t see me at my most comfortable in front of the lens, but you’ll see me, who I am, and only me: dorkiness, muffin top and all. I […]

Early Morning Writing Convert

I will admit, usually when I write, I set my posts often times for early morning, for when you (my reader-friends) get up. I see other writers getting up at Oh-Dark-Thirty to do their writings, in the quiet of the morning, slurping their coffee and morning drink of choice with just the clickety-clack of their […]