This is one of the most delicious sandwiches I've ever had the privilege of eating. No lie! Simple and so flavorful, OMG!

Thank you Dunkin' Donuts for the inspiration for this amazing sandwich!!!!

Place your sliced sourdough in the oil/basil mixture on a plate.

Oil and season your sourdough and place them aside until ready.

Drain your fire-roasted tomatoes and set aside.

Grill your seasoned sourdough in a sprayed frying pan until toasted.

Flip over and fry until toasty.

Add your white cheddar sliced cheese cut into triangles.

Carefully add pesto to the top of your cheese bread.

Add the fire-roasted tomatoes.

Add the fire-roasted tomatoes.

Serve and enjoy!!!

This one's a really REALLY special sandwich!