Colors blended - glitter slime for boys
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Glitter Slime Recipe for Boys

This glitter slime recipe for boys is an easy slime recipe to make made with Liquid Starch and no Borax. Want to find out how to make glitter slime that boys will LOVE with multiple blue colors? Check it out below!



  • To make the silver glitter slime, use the recipe found here.
  • For your first color, pour about 2 cups of white glue into your plastic container.
  • Carefully spray in about 1 cup of shaving cream into your container; mix well. (If you feel you want it fluffier, you can go up to 2 cups, but if you add too much, it’ll get too hard.)
  • Add in your first color, stir until well-colored.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of Liquid Starch and stir – you will notice as soon as this ingredient is added, the mixture begins to form immediately.
  • Mix until well blended and “goopy” and remove from your container to knead – set aside to create your next color by repeating the above steps. (We created two solid colors here. You can find the glitter slime recipe to add here.


To make slime, you have to understand that it isn’t an exact science. I can give you basics as to what to start off with when learning how to make glitter slime, but you have to add a little here and a little there in order to get the desired result, ESPECIALLY when it comes to glitter slime, because glitter glue is sticky.