crescent roll hot dog pockets
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Crescent Roll Hot Dog Pockets

These Crescent Roll Hot Dog Pockets work just like Mummy Dogs do except they’re a smaller version and pressed into a sandwich maker instead.



  • Spray your sandwich maker with cooking spray and preheat.
  • Prepare your hot dogs on a skillet until browned on all sides and sizzling, about five minutes.
  • Open your cans of crescent roll dough one at a time, unraveling the dough but not breaking it into 8 triangles but 4 squares instead.
  • Cut your cooked hot dogs into halves.
  • Lay half of one square into the sandwich well, laying two hot dogs halves over the dough, and covering the hot dogs with the remaining dough, pinching shut.
  • Tuck any extra dough in between or underneath.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Shut the sandwich maker and wait until green light has indicated it’s done, then wait an extra minute.
  • Slide your finished hot dog pockets to a plate to cool before cutting.
  • Remember to spray cooking spray before each set of pockets.