Learn how to make this easy and tasty Instant Pot Taco Macaroni Recipe with Doritos for Taco Tuesday! 

Start out by chopping your onions up finely. I cheat and use a blender to do this lol

Add ground beef, onions, and garlic to the sprayed Instant Pot

Mince the meat mixture so that it cooks evenly and thoroughly, breaking it up into smaller pieces.

Cook until thoroughly browned, then drain carefully

Add seasonings!

Add beef broth, tomato sauce, and salsa then stir!

Add macaroni to the Instant Pot

Stir the pasta into the sauce to ensure it's completely covered (this is important before sealing)

Seal your Instant Pot, set it to Manual and to 8 minutes.

Let it rest 10 minutes, vent, then open the lid!

Stir well to mix in any liquid that didn't absorb and relish in how amazing it smells!

Add heavy cream to the Instant Pot

Add in all that delicious shredded cheese!

Stir stir stir!

Look at this gorgeousness! Now we're ready to assemble!

Crunch up Doritos in a bowl (or plate)

Add a few spoonfuls of macaroni to your plate on top of the Doritos

Add shredded cheese and fresh chopped cilantro

Top with more crushed Doritos (as many or as little as you'd like!)

Add jalapeños or any other taco fixins to the top and stir well! Enjoy!

I hope you love this recipe as much as our family does!