Hillshire Farms Crescent Roll Sandwich Maker Sandwiches
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Hillshire Farm Crescent Roll Sandwiches - Sandwich Maker Recipe

If you're looking for fun and easy school lunch ideas for those busy weeknights, check out my Crescent Roll Sandwiches made in a sandwich maker with the help of Hillshire Farm® Brand and Walmart! Sandwich maker recipes are SO easy and fun for school lunches!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Appetizer, Entree, lunch, Snack



  • On a large plate or platter, open only one refrigerated can at a time onto the sprayed plate/platter (so that the crescent roll dough doesn’t stick to the plate). It is key to keep the cans in the fridge until ready, it’s easier to work with! Separate each crescent triangle to get ready to cook.
  • Once the sandwich maker is heated and ready (as indicated by the green light on top), spray the inside generously.
  • Lay each crescent triangle into the sandwich maker in the direction of the triangles on the heating plate, trying to line up the corners (as shown). You’ll end up folding the crescent roll dough in half, essentially.
  • Break your cheese in half, lay each triangle of cheese on top of the dough.
  • Grabbing one slice of your preferred Hillshire Farm lunch meat, lay on top of the triangle of cheese.
  • Season the meat. Fold over remaining crescent roll dough on top of the meat and cheese as best as you can. It won’t be perfect, but it’s alright, because the dough will spread/rise as it’s cooking.
  • Close your sandwich maker and wait about a minute or so. (Do not wait until the light to turn green, you will end up overcooking/burning the dough.)
  • The crescent roll sandwich maker sandwich will be nice and golden brown when finished, like this, shaped into triangles.
  • Remove the sandwich maker sandwiches from the heat and onto a plate to cool nearby, separating the triangles from one another.
  • Continue with the above steps until all of your crescent roll dough has been used (each can of dough will make eight crescent roll sandwiches).