Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie Cookies
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Harry Potter Cookies - Gryffindor Ties

If you're a huge Harry Potter fan, you have GOT to make these Gryffindor Tie Harry Potter Cookies recipe! Perfect for parties!
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time25 mins
Course: Dessert
Servings: 12 cookies



  • Make your cookie dough according to your cookie recipe. For this recipe, you’ll need about 5 oz. worth of cookie dough. (Refrigerate any extra cookie dough for later use for other cookies!)
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. On a floured surface, roll out your cookie dough so that it’s about ¼ of an inch thick.
  • Using your diamond-shaped cookie cutter, cut out 12 cookies.
  • Use a paring knife to cut out a portion of the diamond’s sides. Cut out on an angle: you will want the diamond to look thinner and take the shape of a necktie.
  • Cut out 12 small rectangles, about ½ an inch in width and ¼ of an inch in length. Place on the top of your cookie necktie.
  • Place each cookie on your lined baking sheet and bake according to recipe’s directions. Once baked, cool completely on a wire rack.
  • Color 5 oz. of your white fondant with burgundy gel food coloring. Add as much food coloring as you need until you achieve a deep burgundy color.
  • Color the remainder of your fondant with the yellow gel food coloring.
  • Roll out each colored fondant until they’re about ¼ of an inch thick each. Cut out 12 small rectangles (the same size that you cut for the top of your tie), and then press it onto the cookie.
  • Using the same technique you used to shape the cookies into ties (ie.: with the cookie cutter and the paring knife), cut out 12 necktie shapes out of your burgundy fondant. Press the fondant shape onto each cookie.
  • Cut out strips from your yellow fondant and place on top of each cookie. Trim accordingly.
  • Serve and enjoy!