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DIY Macramé Rainbow Charm Wall Hanging

Rainbow fans rejoice! This easy to make DIY Macramé Rainbow Charm Craft can be made into a wall hanging, ornament, keychains, and more!
Servings: 1 rainbow


  • natural twisted rope thick
  • natural twisted rope thin
  • 3 colors colorful yarn
  • 1 piece felt fabric
  • 1 set scissors
  • 1 hot glue gun
  • 1 large round wooden bead
  • 8 felt pompoms small
  • 1 tapestry needle


  • Determine the size you will make your rainbow charm and cut 3 pieces of thick rope as per the determined length (or size). Since we created a 3 layer-rainbow pattern, I cut 3 pieces of rope, each 2 cm longer than the previous one. Take any one of the rope pieces and select a colored yarn. Start to wrap the yarn around the rope but start 1 inch in from the end.
  • Wrap the yarn around the rope until almost reaching the other end of the rope, but make sure to leave 1 inch intact on that end like you did with the beginning end. 
  • Cut off the yarn from the bundle by leaving 2 or 3 inches extra yarn on hand.
  • Insert the tapestry needle through the open end of the yarn and insert the needle through the rope adjacent to the last wrap of the yarn, then pull the needle all the way through.
  • Insert the needle through the yarn wraps and draw it out again. 
  • Using scissors, cut off any extra yarn and ensure the wrapping is secured. 
  • Similarly wrap and cover the other 2 pieces of rope with different colors of yarn.
  • Take the large wooden bead while grabbing the thin rope. Make sure the rope is at least 8 cm long. Fold the rope in half and insert the folded part through the bead and into the rope to form a loop. Pushing the bead through keeping the loop pattern sticking out (this is how it will hang when finished). Some beads may have small holes, the one I’m using is pretty tight so there no chance for the bead to slide out.
  • Take a piece of felt fabric and place it on the work surface. Take your bead with rope and attach the open ends of the beaded rope on the felt as shown, keeping the bead and the looped end off the rope and outside/above the felt fabric. Hot glue it to the felt as shown.
  • Of the 3 wrapped pieces of rope, take the longest yarn-wrapped rope and attach it onto the felt piece up at the top and create a curved pattern. Use hot glue to attach it over top the pieces of small rope.
  • Attach the medium rope next, hot gluing it close to the larger yarn-wrapped rope. Lastly, hot glue the shortest rope onto the felt. Try to keep the ropes as close together and neat as possible when gluing. 
  • Carefully cut out the felt fabric from under and around the rope rainbow pattern. Trim the ends of the yarn-wrapped ropes so that they are even across, too. In trimming away the felt, you shouldn’t see the felt anymore (unless you flipped it to the other side).
  • Attach your pompoms around the top end of the rope rainbow with hot glue. Fray and unwrap the ends of the yarn-wrapped rope a bit so that they flare out.
  • Annnd you're done! What do you think of your creation?