Are you smarter than a 3 year old?

by Lisa Douglas

If one thing can be said about parenting, its that you aren’t always the teacher when it comes to your children. Your children also act as teachers when it comes to you as well, teaching you life lessons and sometimes even how to be a parent! In between those all-important times and lessons to be learned, sometimes your child throws you a curve ball and actually teaches YOU a bit of academics as well!

Take my 3 year old for example. My lovely, curly-haired, wide-eyed 3 year old that should be happily scribbling in crayon all over the place. Oh no, he’s off rescuing the free world, scheming up ways to concoct the perfect fortress of solitude using pillows and blankets, and in his spare time teaching me spanish. Yes, you read that right. That “Fifth Grader” show might be all the rage, but I tell you, they should start one for my 3 year old. “Aweeba (arriba) means up.. abajo means down,” he’s saying in his little baby voice, playing with his action figures, motioning them appropriately with the words he’s teaching me.


My three oldest children are learning spanish in their respective grades as well. So I figure, the combination between them and Dora and Diego will have my 3 year old learning spanish before he even enters school himself.

Children are SO amazing!

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