Kids Sleep Anywhere

family bike ride

Family Bike Ride Fun

We slept late for our day off on Veteran’s Day. The sun awoke us through the window, trickling in through the blinds and curtains, and …

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Soccer Knocks ‘Em Out

Soccer’s a tiring sport, man. After the game nap. Couldn’t resist sharing this! Watching his siblings play, man, you can’t get anymore exhausted as a …

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Kids Sleep Anywhere, Part 2

My super-squirrel-y ninja–sleep skills are busy at work again, young Padawans. This time, after a trip to the ever-addictive Starbucks did my young sleepmeisters fall …

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Kids Will Sleep Anywhere

I’ve talked about my ninja-like skills for insta-sleep with my kids. This is nothing new. They have mad skills in the sleeping anywhere department. Super-abilities …

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