Kids Sleep Anywhere

Father’s Day Crazy Christmas-Style

Amidst my preparations for Operation Daddy (aka Daddy-Works-Late-Let’s-Make-Him-Some-Stuff-for-Father’s-Day), I have my toddler busily working at the dining room table in a brilliant, elaborate plan to …

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Sleeping Anywhere

Our four-year-old was a little restless the other night. My husband and I were cleaning up after dinner, preparing for the next day, and we …

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Why Trampolines are Cool

Cool hair-do’s Warm sun + physical exertion + warm black trampoline mat = nap time Submissions for Funniest Home Videos

Tag Team, Back Again

Yes, I’m making reference to the 90’s one hit wonder Whoomp There it Is. Great, now it’s gonna be stuck in my head all day …

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