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I’ve shared with you my reasons for choosing Young Living, and why I started using them almost ten years ago. I couldn’t be happier with that decision and I’m so excited to share our family’s “oily” journey with you! We have experienced so many healthy benefits to using these therapeutic-grade oils in our every day lives, most notably respiratory, seasonal and digestive support, occasional everyday aches and pains, and occasional nervous tension, including “the blues.”


Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity when it comes to essential oils, right down to the seeds they use to the way they cultivate their farms. Young Living uses their own oils to ward off insects instead of chemical pesticides (they call this their “Seed to Seal” process). They carefully monitor every step of their essential oil production on their own farms from beginning to end, producing the absolute highest possible therapeutic value for every essential oil they create using first distillations only. (Think of your Keurig coffee – the first brewed cup is amazing, yes? But what if you continued to use the same Keurig K-cup over and over – the coffee would be weaker and weaker, not tasting the same, right? That’s why Young Living only uses first distillations.) Young Living’s dedicated commitment to quality means their essential oils are pure, unadulterated, and unsurpassed, and the only ones I’ll ever use.

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Here’s some of the posts I’ve created about Young Living:

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2023 Essential Oil Deal for You!

Our Black Friday Deal last year was so popular, we’ve decided to DRASTICALLY improve on that offer for 2023 for the BEST YET! (Coupled with Young Living’s HUGE promotions this month, too!) Check out all you can get for free for becoming a wholesale member (like Costco)!

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We love and trust using Young Living essential oils, having used them for years. For more information, check out my Young Living information page.


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