Our Family Bucket List (or Life List)

2021 Life List

2021 Family Bucket List

  • Launch LisaLunaReiki.com 😍
  • Swim in hot springs while it snows – DONE (total Colorado thing to do and we did it at Glenwood Springs for Spring Break!!!)
  • Take new family portraits
  • White water rafting
  • Ziplining with the family (I want to try it! Gah! *scared*)

Our All-Time Family Bucket List

  1. To create and own my own parenting magazine
  2. See a Steelers home game
  3. New Years Eve in Times Square (I’ve done this, but want to with my family)
  4. Own a home
  5. Set foot in every state (So far: WA, OR, CA, FL, GA, LA, TX, SC, NC, VA, NJ, NY, PA, CT, MA, MD, AL, MS, TN, IN, IL, OH, WV, KY, MO, KS, CO)
  6. DisneyWorld and DisneyLand (I’ve done both, family hasn’t been to DL yet)
  7. Visit the Grand Canyon
  8. Shop Rodeo Drive
  9. Model
  10. See the Hollywood sign
  11. See a pro baseball game (I’ve done this, but my family hasn’t)
  12. Have an article published in one of my favorite magazines
  13. Write a published work
  14. Hula dance in Hawaii (or, in Florida. LOL)
  15. Live in a real city
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Participate in a Triathlon
  18. See a pro soccer game
  19. Learn to surf (on my feet, not body)
  20. Parasail (I did this, but I want my family to try it) DONE!
  21. Ride in a helicopter (I have done this, but the kids would LOVE this)
  22. Knit an adult sweater completely myself (that doesn’t suck)
  23. See a waterfall (and maybe swim?)
  24. Ride in a limousine I’ve done this before, numerous times, but I want to do it as a family
  25. Own a fancy piece of “grown-up” furniture DONE!
  26. Take a cruise – DONE!
  27. Meet someone famous
  28. Cross the Canadian Border
  29. Walk or run across the Golden Gate Bridge
  30. Face-to-face interview with a celebrity (have done video before)
  31. Enjoy a meal in Paris with real French wine, cheese, and coffee
  32. Drink a mint julep on the front porch of a plantation house in the Deep South
  33. Visit New Orleans I’ve done this, but I want to go back with my family
  34. Sail (without getting sick) – DONE!
  35. Ride in a hot air balloon
  36. Ski, even if only just once
  37. Visit the Bahamas
  38. Make clothes for each member of our family, even if only once
  39. Drive through the German countryside
  40. Take the train across the country
  41. Enjoy Italian food and wine while visiting Italy
  42. Make a scrapbook of our family accomplishing all of these
  43. Walk the runway
  44. Learn to throw pizza dough in the air
  45. Times Square for New Year’s Eve. (I’ve done it, my family hasn’t)
2020 Life List

2020 Family Bucket List

2019 Family Bucket List

  • Open up my online store finally
  • Take family portraits (perhaps do them myself?)
  • Vacation!
  • Travel (and use my passport) 🙂
  • Ziplining – I want to try it! Gah! *scared*
  • (more to be added!)

2018 Family Bucket List

  1. Go on a cruise for the first time! DONE
  2. Try new food – Oysters DONE!
  3. Attend a metaphysical fair – DONE!
  4. Create and sell my first piece of commissioned jewelry – DONE!
  5. Repaired my own MacBook – DONE!
  6. Hike the mountains here in Colorado
  7. Be healed with reiki by a skilled healer – DONE!
  8. Travel somewhere new – DONE! Cozumel and Grand Cayman
  9. Create more art for our home – DONE and continuing!
  10. Meet and interview a movie star. DONE! Chris Hemsworth for the movie 12 Strong

2017 Family Bucket List

  1. Travel cross country – DONE
  2. Road trip! DONE!
  3. Water slide fun DONE
  4. Visit Garden of the Gods – DONE!
  5. Major purge of stuff – DONE!
  6. Spend more time with girlfriends – DONE!
  7. Go sledding with the kids in the Colorado snow (didn’t get to, wasn’t enough snow this year!)
  8. Build a snow fort with the kids (again, not enough snow! ugh!)

This is actually going to get broken up into 2 different lists this year, because I turn the big 4-0, and I have some things I want to do myself (as inspired by Danielle’s 40 before 40 list).

2016 Lisa’s List of Sh*t to Do Before 40

  1. Travel more. (NYC & FL in March so far)
  2. Go ziplining and not die. LOL 😬
  3. Go to a paint night at the local wine and paint place. I’ve been DYING to go for months, and I’m gonna do it soon, dammit! DONE!
  4. Girls weekend, for realsies. One at a spa, or something. Total pampering and relaxing, maybe? Or a retreat with blog friends? Not sure. (Not 100% done, but I took more girl time towards the latter of the year, which was REALLY nice)
  5. Really delve into this book to understand using essential oils with chakras, meridians, and organs
  6. Delve more into learning reiki 😍😍😍
  7. Redo my Young Living display in our home – DONE (this was before)
  8. Attend the 90’s concert – DONE
  9. Attend more concerts
  10. Learn to really meditate – DONE
  11. Spa night, either at my house or at a friend’s house! (DONE TWICE! LOL)

2016 Family Bucket List

  1. Florida for summer vacation?
  2. Pay off more debt this year (Lisa’s student loans FINALLY DONE + two store credit cards, one to go!)
  3. Redecorate a little in the playroom – DONE
  4. Enroll the kids in a ton of extra-curricular activities (so far DONE, more this summer)
  5. Clean out the superfluous crap, only keep what we really love and need
  6. Get back to crafting and baking together more often
  7. Work on completing the previous year’s lists

2015 Family Bucket List

(work in progress)

  1. Florida for vacationDONE!
  2. Busch Gardens with my brother & his familyDONE!
  3. Neon Run with my family!DONE!
  4. Pay off more debt
  5. Learn to make a wreathDONE!
  6. Create a gallery wallDONE!
  7. Try juicingDONE! Annnnd not for me lol
  8. Type-A in Atlanta (for Lisa)DONE!
  9. Finish 2014 & 2013’s list

2014 Family Bucket List

(work in progress)

  1. (Lisa) Lose 20 pounds
  2. Disney Vacation this summer (!!!)
  3. Visit my brother and parents in Florida (perhaps when we do Disney?) Done!
  4. Pay off my husband’s car (expected March 2014)! Done 3/2014
  5. Redecorate the playroom and bedrooms
  6. (Lisa) Girls weekend
  7. Get professional family portraits taken
  8. Get a new headshot taken. DONE at Mom 2.0
  9. Dip my toes in the sand against the ocean (haven’t visited the ocean in a while) DONE!
  10. Pay off 3 credit cards 1 more card. 2 cards paid off so far! DONE!
  11. Trying aerial silks. That looks like so much fun!
  12. Finish 2013’s list.

2013 Family Bucket List

  1. Pay off both our vehicles – One is paid off as of March 2013! DONE!
  2. Run a “color” race/5k with the kids
  3. Get family portraits taken (I took ours for graduation)
  4. Purchase a ten-seater dinner table and chair set, used or new DONE 2/2/13 reveal here
  5. Finish redecorating the playroom
  6. Try a new food item – done!
  7. Fly kites with the kidsdone!
  8. Run my first half-marathon (finally!)
  9. Enjoy a massage/spa day
  10. Go on a family hike
  11. Build these shelves and reorganize the garage
  12. Get a bike to ride regularly and with the kids DONE! 8/31/13 post here
  13. Learn how to do one new thing a month and write about it (possibly take classes?)
  14. Be published in a book or magazine (hopefully Southern Living or Parenting?)
  15. Craft for charity
  16. Have a photo from one of my food posts featured on Foodgawker and Tastespotting DONE! 1/21/13 This post was featured.
  17. Learn basic car maintenance and how to change a tire by myself
  18. Vacation (!!!) DONE!
  19. Grow our own fruit and vegetables (must research what I can grow first)
  20. Read at least 5 books this year
  21. Donate every month to charity in some way
  22. Go bowling DONE!
  23. Have a DJ dance party with my kids, or go to one.
  24. Enjoy “High Tea” for the first time at MadHattersTea.com DONE!
  25. Build an elaborate sandcastle with the kids on a beach somewhere
  26. Do something that scares me DONE!
  27. Learn to make fondant properly (ahem)
  28. Plant a tree (perhaps for our garden? A fruit tree?)
  29. Touch a dolphin & interact with the Stingrays DONE!
  30. Perform random acts of kindness on strangers with the kids
  31. Have date nights with my husband at least once a month
  32. Learn to make pasta from scratch
  33. Get back into creating art and get rid of our current art for mine in our walls
  34. Go to a Farmer’s Market once a month (if possible during winter?)
  35. Go rollerskating

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