Advice from Brandi Chastain for My Soccer Playing Son on Getting Serious and Going Pro

by Lisa Douglas

Growing up in an active family myself, it didn’t surprise me seeing my children fascinated by sports, dribbling soccer balls almost as soon as they learned to walk, and begin playing soccer at age four. My oldest son, though, shows the most dedication and proficiency, wanting to become pro when he grows up.

One of the highlights of the BlogHer conference in San Diego was getting to listen to the wonderful speakers Gatorade had lined up at their Sports Moms event. Loreane Tomlinson (LT’s mother), Leslie Bonci (Steeler’s nutritionist and dietician) and Brandi Chastain (US Women’s Soccer and Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup champion) all spoke about their roles as mothers, as athletes (or in support of), and their children, and how drive, determination, and nutrition played an important part.

We had the opportunity to ask questions at the event via iPads, and I was thrilled when Brandi answered mine. My (paraphrased) question to her: “What was the best advice someone gave you when you were young and up-and-coming, and what advice would you give to a twelve-year-old wanting to play pro-soccer when he grows up?

I am grateful I got to video (most of) her answer (before my memory card became too full. #fail)

I immediately texted my husband:

“OMG! Just asked Brandi Chastain a question and I got it on video! Ahhh!”
“She basically said (for our son) to never stop playing with the ball, to get out there as often as he can and become so familiar with it, so it’s second nature.”

My husband texts me back:



About a half-hour later, I got this:

“Thanks Brandi Chastain. He went outside, kicked the ball too hard, and took the top off the fence. LOL!”


Despite him clipping the top of our brand new fence on our brand new house, I was proud of him, and I could not wait to come home to show him this video. I am beyond thrilled that this week begins soccer for my children, too.

Brandi Chastain and Me

Gatorade Moms BECOME Pledge

While at the Sports Moms event, I learned that Gatorade is calling upon people to pledge their support to young
athletes in their quest to BECOME. Gatorade will donate one dollar (up to
$10,000) to the Women’s Sports Foundation for every pledge received at (just click “take the pledge now” on the main
Gatorade Moms page). Simply read the pledge, click to commit and
Gatorade will donate a dollar in support of girls’ and women’s sports.
The donation will help ensure there are opportunities for all children
who want to get physically active, get involved in competitive athletics
and get in the game.

I pledged, will you? Can you help us get to 10,000 pledges?

Win it!

Brandi Chastain autographed ball

As if meeting and speaking to Brandi wasn’t amazingly unbelievable enough, I have a Brandi Chastain autographed soccer ball to award one lucky reader! Woohoo!

To enter, visit and sign the BECOME pledge. Come back here and leave a comment to tell me that you did for one entry.

For additional entries, share this giveaway via Twitter or Facebook, and comment telling me you did (with link, if you can).

Winner to be selected randomly via on Wednesday September 7th at 10pm CST. Good luck!

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