A Photo Recap of #Blogher10

by Lisa Douglas

How do you put into words memories like this?

Meeting Jennie Garth

Do you see the huge grin on my daughter’s face? That’s the “I can’t wait to show all the kids at school,” “This family trip doesn’t suck,” “My mom is pretty cool for bringing me to this event” face. (Well, maybe not the last one.)

Daughter getting Jennie's Autograph

Meeting P-Dub? No. Freakin’. Way.

Meeting Ree The Pioneer Woman
Image courtesy of Hillshire Farms
Interviewed by Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef? No! Freakin’! Way!
Interviewed by Padma!
Image courtesy of Kate Marsh Lord

Meeting a new bloggy BFF? Hell yeah! Miss you Sarah!

Meeting a New Bloggy BFF
Image courtesy of Sarah Bond taken by Christine Young

Being carted in “Mario Kart” rickshaws through Manhattan Streets to the Nintendo Ambassador Dinner? Oh my word, YES!

Mario Karts rickshaws in NYC

Dinner with lovely, lovely ladies – oh yeah, baby!

Drinks and dinner with WONDERFUL women!


Drinks and dinner with AWESOME women

Filet a la Awesomesauce at The Loeb Central Park Boathouse

Dinner. Yum.

Dude, it’s Mrs. Potato Head!

Mrs Potato Head!

Look at the look on her face, ‘Get me outta here, Lisa!” Heh.

Scaring Babies

Oh. My. Gaw.

Death by Dessert

Museum of Modern Art love.

Military Spouses at Museum MoMA

Super M training to be like the ones on stage at the Fashion Show

Future Model

I won the Hillshire Farm Fresh Taste Showdown!

I won!

I had entirely too much fun, but I didn’t get nearly as many photos with people as I’d wanted. I have to have a quicker trigger finger, it seems. That and a heat-seeking missile to find everyone I want to see, dammit!

Many thanks to Constructive Playthings for helping make Blogher ’10 possible for me. I appreciate their partial sponsorship immensely. Be sure to check out their link in my sidebar to save 15% off your purchase.

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