Works for Me Wednesday

Teaching Children Manners

“Hey Dad, why have we not been reading the manners book lately?” My daughter asked my husband last night at dinner. Between having sleepover guests, …

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Make Your Own Crayon Nibbles

In our pre-holiday purge, I came across eleventy-billion broken crayons, of course. I had the kids collect them all and bring them downstairs to peel. …

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Mount Washmore

Ah, laundry. With six kids, it’s feels like it never ends. And with our family just getting over a stomach bug, multiply our humongous laundry …

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Kettle Mothering Memories

Last November, my children gave me a gift that sent me back to my childhood; they gave me an old-fashioned tea kettle. It immediately spun …

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Party Pooper

I had concocted this awesome brainchild of an idea to “party” to celebrate my son’s first day in Kindergarten. This entailed party hats, blowers, and …

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cooking with kids

Cooking With Kids

Cooking with children can be a scary concept, isn’t it? Don’t touch that! Hot! Stay back! Put that away, we’re eating soon! No, you can’t …

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