Kids Strange Sleeping Positions, Take Two

My children have a talent for falling asleep wherever and whenever, in the oddest of positions, there’s no denying that fact. (Recall my ninja-like skills, because my children. fall. asleep. everywhere)

My youngest? He was seemingly well on his way to being inducted into that super-secret Sleep-However Academy™ after his Disney nap. Now he’s an official card-carrying member. Check it:

He is so my son. As a child, I was such a huge fan of sleeping with one arm off the bed, drooping down the right side. (Oh, and if you’re concerned that he couldn’t breathe with his baby head smooshed up against the rail, I ensured you with photographic proof below he was fine. Doesn’t hurt that it was an awesomely cute shot, too)

Yup. Drool and all. Thank goodness for microfiber!

Here are a few additional funny sleepy poses I’ve taken as-of-late. My toddler, so worn out from a day of swimming:

And my five-year-old who is infamous for his sleeping positions. Here, he’s sleeping on the couch, seemingly standing up.

I imagine this will make for some interested blog fodder next week at BlogHer – who knows how my youngest is gonna conk out there…

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