Rockin’ the Recycling!

by Lisa Douglas

So this morning, I’m rinsing out a squeezy mayonnaise container (that’s probably the only non-organic/additive/preservative item left in our home) and I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m awake with thought processes working already, brain synapses firing away furiously, or if it’s because I’m a genius *cough* but.. I suddenly realized that instead of recycling this squeezy mayo container, which I love, makes it easy to use – I could buy a bulk mayo container, and refill this one, instead of buying another new filled squeezy mayo container. The bulk mayo would stay in the fridge as well (so I’d have 2 in there), but that would work alright, as the squeezy would be used for sandwiches, etc, and the bulk would be used for recipes, dips, salads, etc.

In conclusion, I either need more coffee, cuz people all over the world have/are probably already doing this, or I should receive an award. “Thinking Semi-Intelligently Before First Cup of Coffee is Done” award goes to…….. hee hee

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