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*Notes to self*

  1. While picking out games and books with your children is fun, so they can pick what they want out themselves, next time, don’t take them with you. As soon as you get home they’ll want to play, and without knowing how long power might be out (if it even goes out), you dont want them to be bored of the new games before it even happens. Plus, they should be outside as much as possible enjoying the nice weather. I think the surprise idea is better 🙂
  2. Eat before hurricane/tropical storm shopping.
  3. Do not shop for yummy food while on a near empty stomach, especially stuff that is ONLY for if/when the lights go out. See #2
  4. Do not put away same yummy food while still on a near empty stomach. See #3
  5. Never be without C and D batteries in the house. Ever.

Shopping is done. Things outside are secure. We are ready. Kids are excited, the little adventurous types that they are. Not that they aren’t aware of what is going on, they are well aware of what is happening, but they are cool as cucumbers.

Currently I’m boiling eggs to eat at a later time. After dinner I will make tons of pancakes, waffles and muffins to freeze to snack on. Old butter tubs in the freezer are frozen, ice is being made as we speak (stores had none). Milk will get frozen later. So much good food in this house for if/when the lights go out. I’d love to dig in (hah) but its for later. You know, that later. The lights-go-out-no-stove-eating-out-of-cans later. Let’s hope we don’t lose lights and it doesn’t come to that 🙂

As soon as this is over, I will never ever be without batteries again. Or our sliced bread. Will always have those in the house. Not that we are out, but there was no buying extra. We had to be creative with sandwich making with the bread shortage. We are making do with what we have, but it was shocking to go to every store and have those be completely wiped out.

I can’t believe how real this is, and yet, it’s still sunny and bright out and there are no indications outwardly that this is coming. Puffy spread out clouds. No wind. Not yet anyway. Tomorrow will be a different story.


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