Empty Belly, Filled Arms

by Lisa Douglas

As I look down at my shrinking belly, it’s almost surreal that 48 hours ago there was a baby in it, kicking, hiccuping, preparing to come out and meet me and our family. This little teeny weeny is such a snuggler and was born to eat, a hungry little devil indeed. It is hard to look at my belly and realize this is the last. The last baby, the last afterpains, the last labor. Nonetheless, what this last produced is sheer joy. A family complete.

Our newest addition, a baby boy, arrived Saturday, shortly before noon, at an impressive 8lbs 13oz, 22 inches long. Sweeter than sweet, with all his baby boy squeaks and muted cries, it’s as if he’s always been with us. Eyes wide open, happy to be surrounded by his brothers and sisters, even my youngest can’t stop wanting to kiss and love up on him. Oh, we’re going to be in for it with this little heartbreaker, I tell ya!

The labor itself did not go as smoothly as I would’ve hoped. Nonetheless, despite the hiccups and miscommunications and a super fast delivery (a mere two pushes!), now he’s here, we’re both fine, and home again after a brief hospital stay. Other than a little sleep deprivation, life couldn’t be better.

I tell you, though, the scale must be wrong, he is simply too teeny to be that weight. How can something this small, that required only 2 pushes, produce the biggest baby I’ve given birth to when I didn’t gain more than 25 lbs to begin with?

The scale lies, I think 😉

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