He’s Too Sexy For His Cloth Diaper

by Lisa Douglas

Yes, he’s totally rocking a jaguar print diaper. I love Berry Plush!
See? My now 2-year-old in the fuschia, way back when.
Do you know they can both fit into these diapers? Cool, huh? In fact, I have all of her old ones, still. Unfortunately, they are mostly pink. Heh. I went a little ‘girl’ overboard. Whoopsie 😉

Have you ever considered cloth diapers? Or have you already and are you new? Ask me a question, g’head, ask me anything! Ask me what type, brand, or for more pictures, video tutorials, whatever you’d like, I’m here to help! I plan to post some more about them in the coming weeks, I’d love to answer your questions while I’m doing it!

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