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Safety TatIn preparing for vacation season, I was given a few SafetyTats to try and review. And in true, Crazy Adventures in Parenting fashion, I’ve been really putting them to the test. I’ve been putting them on my kids as we go everywhere – outside, soccer fields, Walmart, commissary, etc. I wanted to see how well they stood up to rough-playing on the soccer fields, how they withstood ‘toddler-picking’ and fascination at Walmart, etc. (As shown in these pictures)

Of course, no one ever expects to be separated from their child, ever. But things happen. You’re looking right, they go left. It happens in an instant. So, I explained that to them as I applied them. “Just in case we ever get separated accidentally when we’re out somewhere, and you can’t find us, this sticker here has our number on it, so you can call us. Find someone official, like a policeman, a lifeguard, or someone who works where we are, and have them call us. We’ll come get you.”

It was a peace of mind, knowing that these were on my children. It’s easy, as a child, to suddenly forget your name if you’re stressed, freaking out, lost. I didn’t want my child to stand there in a puddle of tears if we were separated, not able to remember our number or what we were wearing. But to be honest, I never thought we would need these, I simply thought it was just an added insurance policy. As they call it on their website, showing you care, just in case.

We found out, first hand, just how useful they can be.

We were at Walmart, and my four-year-old decided he was mad at us for not allowing him to continue to play video games on the Xbox 360 there the other day. So mad, in fact, he walked away from us, and hid in the nearest clothing rack. We obviously didn’t see him do this, so, just after we had told him no, we were about to move on to another department, we looked around, and he was gone.

It happened that fast.

After calling his name a few times and eliciting no response, panic set in. We grabbed the nearest associate who immediately called out “Code Adam“, giving his description, while my husband fast-paced it around the store, and I remained, rotating that same area, calling out, trying to find my baby. (By the way, kudos to Walmart for training their employees to act so quickly).

All-the-while this was happening, and we were running around like the building was on fire, that little booger sat there, watching us, from between the clothes, right under our noses the entire time, watching us lose our minds. That stinker!

Finally an associate must’ve seen the feet from under the rack (which makes me laugh just thinking about it), and how it matched the description. Once found, since he was wearing long sleeves, he pushed his sleeve up his arm and pointed out his sticker to the lady. “Wook at my sticker,” he said to her.
Immediately reading it, she began dialing my husband. But, by that time, I saw her with my son and called out while high-tailing it to them.

Relieved isn’t even the word to describe how I felt!

(You know, I imagine she saw that sticker and must’ve assumed he does this a lot, to warrant that sticker in the first place. Had I have been in any frame of mind to explain, I would’ve, but I couldn’t unbury my face from his neck long enough to speak anything other than “Thank you!!”)

I am grateful. Grateful he was merely hiding and not worse. Grateful that he was found expeditiously. Grateful for a lot of things, especially knowing many others are not as lucky as we are. But most of all? I am grateful for those “stickers”, because even if I wasn’t right there to find him, the associate was already calling for us, to alleviate our fears, to let us know he was okay, and found.

And that, my friends, is invaluable.

So, there you have it. The reason they were created to begin with, peace of mind, and to aid in helping locate you when your child disappears before your very eyes. (Leave it to me to be the one to find out the hard way, though). With that said, SafetyTats are similar to the little tattoos kids love to put on from Cracker Jack boxes, and quarter machines at arcades and such, but these tattoos serve a very important purpose, as you’ve already read.

I highly recommend having these for any and all excursions – school trips, vacations, shopping, going to the park, beach, library, babysitters, birthday parties and more.

SafetyTat Medical TattooThe SafetyTats line even expanded into medical tattoos along with allergy tattoos, should your child not be in your care and need emergency help. There are even safety tattoos for school information, for field trips, too, so that the school’s information for whomever’s in charge can be on readily available on SafetyTat Allergy Tattooyour child. Not to mention the Tween tattoos, an older-looking design for those not yet old enough for a cell phone, who are out and about with large groups. At this age they know our phone number, but if on a field trip, would they know the adult-in-charge’sSafetyTat Tween Tattoo number if they became separated? How handy would that be?

But my favorite has got to be Quick Stick Write-On tattoos.

  1. They don’t require water to put on
  2. They last for two weeks, because they are made medical-grade and are thicker than their original SafetyTats.
  3. They come with a water-proof marker
  4. You can put any information on that you wish!

These come in handy to cover all sorts-of bases. One thing to note, though, if you will be out somewhere that requires sunscreen, attempt to avoid rubbing the write-on SafetyTat. While it is waterproof, the cream or lotion will smudge it slightly with heavy rubbing. (I will note, though, it didn’t do anything to the tattoo when we applied spray-on sunscreen, though.)

SafetyTats receives quite enthusiastically my “Crazy Family of 8” Seal of Approval.

My pictures in the beginning of this post, above, are pictures I took “in action” – at soccer games, out shopping, riding bikes, during and after bath time. I sure gave them a good ‘work out’. For everyone except my four-year-old, they lasted two days or so. My four-year-old, however, liked to “scratch it”, so we’ll have to be sure to double or triple him up for our next excursion.

You know, in case another clothing rack looks like a good hiding spot to him again. Grr!

Gotta have them? You’re in luck!

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