by Lisa Douglas

I woke up today with half of my kidlets sleeping on or around me. Borderline-smothering has never felt better. Ever.

After a whirlwind weekend being wooed by Mickey and company, meeting some other blogging mommas and saying “Wow” and “Amazing” more than I think I’ve ever said in my life, waking up in my own bed was just another treat in this long weekend chock-filled with them.

I will talk about my weekend some other time. Right now? I just want to bask in the sun with my kids, inspect every ounce of their baby bodies to be sure to catch up on any boo boos I missed out on kissing while away, or wipe away with my spit-filled finger any residual dirt that daddy didn’t catch this weekend, and thank my lucky stars for their embraces, which I missed more than I would’ve ever realized.

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